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One of the Best Stocks to Put $100 in Today

A lot of retail investors think "it takes big money to make money" – but they're dead wrong.

This way of thinking is only an "obstacle" on the path to wealth and the good news is, it no longer exists.

Thanks to the fractional shares revolution that's swept over markets, you can now own pieces of a stock, no matter how expensive its trading price, with as little as $100.

And this stock is the perfect candidate…



This Top E-Commerce Stock Is Claiming an Untapped Market

I’m not sure I could have survived this year without e-commerce, and I have a feeling many of you are thinking the same thing.

In fact, e-commerce is growing faster than ever before, jumping to 16.1% of total retail sales in Q2 2020 from 10.8% last year in the United States.

That equates to billions of dollars spent online from groceries to electronics and even cars.

That’s why we have seen stocks like Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and Carvana (NYSE: CVNA) skyrocket over 100% this year with everyone at home.

The best part is this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

And one company is taking the opportunity to tap into a wide open market…


3 Top Tech Stocks to Avoid Right Now

It seems like every day we get good news about progress on a vaccine for coronavirus.

Unfortunately, a vaccine could mean headwinds for some of this year's favorite tech stocks.

Even though these companies are great, their stock prices have gotten a little overheated, which means it's best for investors to avoid buying them right now.