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Three Famous Cannabis Stocks to Sell (and Two to Buy)’s big pro-cannabis announcement sparked a double-digit rally in three specific, highly popular cannabis stocks.

There’s a problem, though: those stocks are doomed to underperform in the long run.

We’ll talk about why in a second, but sell those three, and add two under-the-radar cannabis plays to your holdings… .



Follow These Rules to Profit from This "Trading Range" Market as Earnings Come Out

My glasses almost fell off my face Monday night when I read this headline from Bloomberg

"ETF Investors Are All-In on Stimulus with $17 Billion Stock Bet"…

That's right. Investors have pumped more than $16.5 billion into stock exchange-traded funds in just seven trading days in April.

The article stated that the "torrid" pace put inflows on track to exceed December's monthly inflow total of $42.5 billion.

Talk about a crowded trade…

What's happening right now is a toxic combination of analysts saying, "The bottom's been put in!" and also, "Buy the dips!"

Yes, you can start to buy in. Slowly. Use dollar-cost averaging and buy in increments.

But going all in… Well, there's a reason the great Wayne Gretzky said to skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been…

That's exactly why the last time I saw this happening, in December, I bought puts. And they paid off heavily in January and February, such as my 47.87% January gain on FedEx and my 108.57% February gain on Tilray.

The truth of this market is that there's still too much uncertainty, fundamentals are questionable, and technicals are pointing to the downside.

This type of long bet – with people throwing money into the market with coal shovels because it's been climbing for a few weeks- tells me one thing: We're still in the first stage of the market pullback.

So instead of going all in, you trade. Just like I did before. And when you follow these trading rules, you can profit… Full Story

So instead of going all in, you trade. Just like I did before. And when you follow these trading rules, you can profit... Full Story

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128 Million Reasons Mexico Cannabis Stocks Are About to Surge Higher

This week, Mexico is set to become the largest country to ever legalize recreational marijuana.

Mexico's 128 million people will be the largest population to be able to buy legal marijuana, and that's going to unleash a new wave of money into Mexico cannabis stocks.

And we know of one cannabis stock that could earn you 136% profit as cannabis legalization sweeps across Mexico.