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Four Extremely Bullish Stocks to Buy and Trade Right Now

Historically, April’s one of the market’s strongest months.

Add a rising wave of economic recovery to boot and you’ve got an unflappably bullish month.

And the profitable opportunities Tom’s looking at right now are all in tech.

Indeed, there’s some strong upward momentum and big upside potential in these, especially if you trade them right… .


The Best NFT Stock to Buy Now

One of the best NFT stocks to buy is about to get several big catalysts at once.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, made a splash last month as the next big crypto investment.

Today's best NFT stock benefits from timing.

It's not limited to NFTs, but it is considering NFT products at the perfect time.


Why Frontier Airlines Stock Doesn't Belong in Your Portfolio

Frontier Group Holdings pulled off an IPO last week in spite of the weakness of the airline industry.

But with travel demand bouncing back investors are taking a closer look at Frontier Airline stock as a potential recovery play.

The Frontier IPO launched at the low end of the price range and slipped even further the first day of trading.

The prices have since recovered a bit and the shares currently trade just above the IPO price.

That means investors who missed the IPO still have a chance to get into the stock near the IPO price.

That doesn't mean you should, though.

Here’s why the stock is attracting some attention, and why it doesn’t stand out among the rest…

Here's My Favorite Safe Dividend Stock Right Now

Lots of investors love to own "dividend stocks" like TLT and PTTRX for the seemingly high yield; they're hugely popular.

But, if you look closer, you'll see that yield comes at the cost of share price performance.

That "high yield" can drag your whole portfolio down.

Chris Johnson's used his screener to find 15 of the safest dividend performers out there, plus one you must own.


The No. 1 Electric Vehicle Stock Is on Sale Right Now

The Biden Administration’s entire EV plan, part of his $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, has a $174 billion price tag.

For investors in the EV space, that $174 billion is like rocket fuel.

And it couldn’t come at a better time.

The potential for all that stimulus comes right as EV stocks are headed much lower – the perfect conditions for turning a beaten-up company into a double-digit winner.


Here’s the play…

This New SPAC Could Give Investors Better Than 335% Gains

Since co-founding Cresco Labs back in 2013, Joe Caltabiano has managed to turn it into one of the best MSOs in the U.S.

– and one of the best cannabis stocks today.

It's really a testament to his vision and skill.

Although he's no longer with Cresco, it's a market truth that great leaders make for great companies, and great companies make for lucrative investments.

And now, it looks like Caltabiano is about to do it all over again at a new, different venture.

Here's how you can go along for the profitable ride...

How to Double Your Money on Crude Oil by July

With crude oil coming into a period of seasonal strength right now, demand will be especially off the charts this year.

Not only is this due to the recovery and vaccination efforts, but also to the Suez Canal drama this past week with the stuck Ever Given cargo ship.

The ship has now been freed, but the delay has created some opportunities.

With these conditions, it'll be really easy to make some fast money on crude.

Here's how… .