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Buy This ETF for 26% Gains... and Trade It for More Than 100%

After a weak March performance, stocks are roaring back.

Indeed, Chris has been saying all along that strong momentum and April seasonality will keep markets moving higher.

But there's one ETF that really stands out amongst all these bullish performers.

Buying it outright means double-digit profits, but trading options will probably double your money here if you move this week.

Here's the ticker… .


Why I’m Watching This Microcurrency Now

Tom’s always been bullish on crypto.

Indeed, it’s blown away some of his wildest expectations, so much that he’s even had to “revise” a few of his upward predictions, especially when it comes to Bitcoin.

But as impressive as Bitcoin and some of those bigger cryptos are, some of the most exciting developments have been happening “under the radar” in less well-known corners of the market where microcurrencies live… .


Fluor, Granite, MasTec: The Best Infrastructure Stocks to Buy Now

Infrastructure stocks have been all the rage this year and they're only going to get hotter now that a new $2.3 trillion spending bill is being pushed in Washington.

Investors have been snapping up the shares of infrastructure stocks for some time now.

But it's not too late to buy if you know where to look.

Here are the best infrastructure stocks to buy ahead of this massive new spending...

How (and Why) Investors Should Play GameStop

GameStop's historic "Super Squeeze" back in January gave short sellers the chance to make a killing on the stock.

But it was also a wake-up call for GameStop's board, who seized on the attention and all the capital it brought along as a chance to turn the company around.

Andrew sees potential here as GME becomes a stock well worth owning again.

Here's what's happening with GameStop and exactly how to play it….