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Three Stocks: Netflix, Super Micro Computer, and American Express

Netflix Netflix (NFLX) shares are having their worst day in more than a year after the company’s earnings report last night. The results were in line with analysts’ expectations, but management’s lower guidance for the next quarter has investors spooked. In addition, they announced that they will stop reporting net additional subscriber figures moving forward. […]

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Three Stocks: Carmax, Rivian, and American Express

Carmax Shares of Carmax (KMX) are down more than 15% today after the company reported that theyre’ between a rock and a hard place. The company released their latest earnings report this morning, showing that their latest quarter’s revenue and earnings were hurt by lower sales volume. At first glance, it feels like something that […]

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Trading Strategies

How to Invest $2,000 Right Now

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

– Chinese proverb attributed to philosopher Laozi

With all the COVID-19 whipsawing we're experiencing in the U.S. economy – and the uncertainty that's created for folks like you and me – Money Map Press is seeing more direct inquiries about stocks than at any time since the Great Financial Crisis of 2008 to 2009.

And one of the most intriguing queries we're seeing is this one: "I have $2,000. I want to invest it in stocks. But I'd sure be grateful for some guidance on which stocks to buy and what 'strategy' to employ."

Let me tell you folks: I love this question.

And I respect the heck out of those who posed it, or who were thinking along those lines, for a few reasons…

For one, you're ignoring the near-term "noise" and are focusing on the long term.

Second, you're taking action – and taking control of your own financial destiny – which is always one heck of a lot better than just sitting back and letting stuff "happen to you."

And, finally, it can be a difference-maker. That two grand is merely the first step. But it shows that you're serious about changing your future. It puts "skin in the game." It forces you to pay attention. And you'll be stunned at how much you learn.

It takes courage to act, to make tough decisions, to move forward.

And by posing this question, you're doing just that.

Just as a long journey can start with a single step, the journey toward a secure financial future can begin with a single investment – even one as seemingly small as $2,000.

And I'm going to start by sharing a personal story that proves the value of a "mere" $2,000 investment. I'll even offer some stock recommendations that will help you take that first step… Full Story

And I'm going to start by sharing a personal story that proves the value of a "mere" $2,000 investment. I'll even offer some stock recommendations that will help you take that first step...


Here's Why Warren Buffett Is Buying Bank Stocks

I find it extremely interesting that at a time when the markets are sideways, and interest rates are falling, Warren Buffett is buying banks…

Berkshire Hathaway is now among the five largest shareholders at firms like Bank of America Corp. (NYSE: BAC), JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM), and Goldman Sachs Inc. (NYSE: GS). Even credit card giant American Express Co. (NYSE: AXP) is a significant Buffett holding.

Right now, a lot of people are avoiding banks because of falling rates. But when you understand the broader trends, banking stocks are attractive, cheap, and have massive upside.

There are other major trends in the banking industry that you should know about.

I'll discuss those major trends and tap into the best bank stock to buy according to the Money Morning Stock VQScore™.