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Dow Jones Today Will Lose Ground as COVID-19 Cases Resurge

The Dow Jones today is off again with a surge in COVID cases.


deaths have surpassed 225,000, according to Johns Hopkins.

Meanwhile investors grapple with lackluster earnings reports and the ongoing failure of Congress to get a stimulus package off the table.

Here’s everything moving the Dow Jones now….



The Best Stocks to Buy Before the Next Round of Stimulus

Stocks were at their lows for the year back in March when COVID-19 was spreading rapidly throughout the world for the first time.

It was a time of fear and panic in the financial markets as stocks fell about 35% from their all-time highs in February with little information to go on for the novel virus.

But then, the United States federal government went into their economic playbook and passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

This provided over $2 trillion in economic support to American workers, families, and small businesses.

In general, most of the stock market has reacted favorably.

Since the CARES Act was passed on March 27, the S&P 500 is up 30% to new all-time highs.

So today, we're going to reveal some of the best stimulus stocks to buy now (and avoid) before a second major round of stimulus hits the markets...

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A Robot Pilot Shot Down an F-16 - and That Makes This Tiny Defense Stock a "Buy"

Back on Aug. 20, a U.S. Air Force pilot climbed into an F-16 "simulator" – in essence, a digital copy that does everything a real Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon can do – and squared off in a "dogfight" against an artificial intelligence robot.

The result: The AI robot shot the human pilot down in flames.

Digitally speaking, of course.

The shoot-down of a human F-16 pilot was part of a multi-day dogfight competition sponsored by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). In fact, it played out in the grand finale of that DARPA "Air Combat Evolution" (ACE) competition – and meant that an AI "algorithm" was crowned as champ.

A robot is America's Top Gun.

It's a next key step in the "Drones Revolution" I've been chronicling for my Private Briefing subscribers.

And for investors like you, it means a hefty "wealth window" has been pushed wide open.

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits… Full Story

We're talking total "Blue Sky" profits...


Markets Live Recap: Nasdaq Hits Another Record High Thanks to These Tech Stocks

The WorldWide Developers Conference has certainly been a tailwind for tech stocks as the Nasdaq Composite hit another all-time high today.

Shares of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL), Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB), Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN), and Netflix Inc. (NASDAQ: NFLX) lead the way (the latter two also hit record highs).

Since everyone knows about the moves in these mega-cap tech stocks, our experts – D.R. Barton, Jr. and Shah Gilani – gave advice on some other names.

Here they are...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Jumps as Airline Stocks Take Off Again

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped this morning after the National Bureau of Economic Research's Monday announcement: the U.S. is officially in recession due to COVID-19.

There has also been a dip in corporate earnings. Airline stocks took the hardest hit.

More on these developments here.

This is everything moving the Dow today.



Markets Live Recap: Stocks Surge After U.S. Adds a Record 2.5 Million Jobs in May

Stocks surged to close the week after a historic increased in U.S. jobs further fueled investors' confidence that the reopening of the economy will be successful following the COVID-19 lockdowns.

The 2.5 million jobs added in May was the largest one-month increase on record.

Investors were expecting an 8 million job loss.

The U.S. unemployment rate slid to 13.3% when it was expected to reach nearly 20%.

And stocks rallied big time.

The Dow was up 3.15%, the S&P 500 closed 2.62% higher, and the Nasdaq rose 2.06% to a new all-time high.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani - saw on this historic day...


This Money-Doubling Classic Could Lead an Outer Space "Gold Rush"

When Apollo 17 astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt blasted off from the surface of the moon on the evening of Dec. 14, 1972, very few people believed it would be NASA's last manned moon mission for 47 years – and counting.

But ever since, the American manned space program has been very much focused on working and exploring in Earth's orbit.

Now, America's human spaceflight plans have been kicked back into high gear.

Later this month, on May 27, American astronauts are slated to launch from American soil aboard an American vehicle for the first time since the Space Shuttle retired back in 2011. In fact, the "Crew Dragon/Falcon 9" mission is a true joint government-commercial venture between Elon Musk's SpaceX and NASA.

And in 2021, Boeing Co. plans a crewed launch of its new CST-100 "Starliner" crew capsule.

One of the chief aims of these projects is a return to the moon.

The Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions of the 1960s and 1970s were capably assisted by American private enterprise, but they were essentially muscle-flexing demonstrations of American missile and materials technology, shot squarely across the Soviet Union's bow.

But these new 21st century missions have a decidedly commercial purpose.

Now, Trump's overwhelming preference for American space dominance is on the record. And so it surprised no one when the president recently signed an executive order to allow the United States to begin mining water and other natural resources… on the moon.

See, far from being dull, empty rocks, the moon and even the asteroid belt are proven to be absolutely packed with extremely valuable natural resources.

There's water, strategic metals, minerals, and even precious metals like gold and platinum – wealth beyond measure – "out there" for the taking.

And now the word is out, and the new, commercial "Space Race" is on. Many companies will play a role, but the one I'm thinking of – one that's already doubled our money – will be a real linchpin in this new era…Full Story

And now the word is out, and the new, commercial "Space Race" is on. Many companies will play a role, but the one I'm thinking of - one that's already doubled our money - will be a real linchpin in this new era...Full Story

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Could Lose 200+ Points on Chinese Huawei Threat

The Dow Jones today could lose 200 points after China warned about repercussions over U.S. efforts to stop shipments to Huawei.

That makes it an ugly morning for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Qualcomm (NASDAQ: QCOM), Boeing (NYSE: BA), and Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO).

In addition, Chinese officials may retaliate against White House efforts to stop Americans from putting Chinese stocks into their retirement accounts.

Here is everything moving the Dow today.



Markets Live Recap: What Made the Nasdaq Break Its 6-Day Winning Streak

Stocks fell sharply today as investors continue to evaluate the United States' ability to reopen the economy.

The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all closed about 2% lower for the day as the volatility/fear index (VIX) spiked over 14%.

That's even on news that House Democrats unveiled their latest $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill…

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – thought about the volatile move today, and which stocks investors should be focusing on to smooth out the bumps in their portfolios.