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The 3 Top IPOs to Watch in 2020

It’s likely to be a blowout year for initial public offerings.

In fact, many observers think 2020 could be the largest IPO year yet, with some places like CB Insights saying there are 402 unicorns worth $1.3 trillion in total potentially going public in 2020.

That’s why Money Morning is bringing you the three top IPOs to watch in 2020.


This Is How You Double Your Profits When Stocks Aren't Moving

The stock market just finished one of its best years in history.

2019 saw new market highs from all three major indexes. The S&P 500 had its best performance since 2013, up an impressive 29%. Additionally, the Nasdaq was up 35%, while the Dow climbed 22%. This means investors across the country are swimming in profit.

It's easy to make money when the market goes up. You can just hold on to your stocks and watch your portfolio balance grow.

But here's the thing – stocks won't always be rising. The reality is that sometimes they fall and other times they barely move at all.

Especially after a big climb like in 2019, it's best to be ready for any market condition. Stocks always pull back or stay flat at some point.

That's why today, I want to show you a strategy that allows you to make money even if your stock goes nowhere.

That's right – you'll learn how to cash in on a sideways-moving stock, while others will watch their money sit still. Let's get started… Full Story

That's right - you'll learn how to cash in on a sideways-moving stock, while others will watch their money sit still. Let's get started... Full Story

Trading Strategies

How to Invest (and Trade) Through a Christmas "Crash"

The S&P500 has tacked on a remarkable 25.16% so far this year, yet many investors are acting as if the "other" shoe is going to drop just like it did last year right around this time.

Honestly, that's a fair concern.

The markets have been a one-way train higher since January 2019. The S&P 500, for example, has put in over 15 new record highs over the past 12 months.

The known risks – political instability, Chinese trade, regulatory changes, signs of a global slowdown – are all well understood. It's the unknown that'll get you every time.

Wall Street would have you believe that the most effective way to hedge against unknown market risk is to diversify your portfolio.

The theory is pretty elegant – or at least it's supposed to be.

Spread your money around, it says, and, in doing so, you'll reduce your risk, because "everything can't possibly go down at once."

Problem is… that's a load of self-serving hooey.

Today's markets are more correlated than they've ever been, thanks to a witches' brew of computerized trading, exchange-traded funds – ETF's for short – and leverage.

You've got to do something different if you want to get ahead...


Why Listening to the Bears This Holiday Season Could Cost You

Some Wall Street analysts make a career out of being bearish.

These "Chicken Littles" of the investment world are always worried about something.

Politics, economics, China trade, an aging bull market, the weather – you name it, they always have something bad to say.

But we're entering December, what could be the most profitable month of the year.

And there are options trading strategies you can use to take advantage of that.



2020 IPOs: The 10 Most Exciting Public Offerings to Watch

2020 is almost here.

And it's lineup of IPOs could make it the biggest year yet for initial public offerings.

In fact, there are at least 10 firms poised to go public in 2020.

And almost all of them have valuations over $1 billion in industries ranging from financial services, mattresses, and even travel and lodging.