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Grab Your Share of This $231.9 Billion Industry with These Coronavirus Scam Defense Plays

You are likely unfamiliar with the plight of Frank Krasovec – it got very little traction.

He is hardly a household name. Frank Krasovec serves as the chair of Dash Brands Ltd. The privately held firm owns Domino's Pizza franchises in China.

Krasovec was the victim of financial fraud costing him nearly half a million dollars. According to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, he was the perfect victim.

The short version: Krasovec took on a $1 million personal line of credit from a local bank in 2018. He went on a business trip a few months later.

When he got back, he was stunned to learn that $450,000 of his money had vanished. Hackers had used his e-mail address to get an unsuspecting employee to send them that amount by wire transfer.

I'm bringing this up now because often in times of crisis, hackers get to work. We may see them coming at us with phishing e-mails seeking donations to help those stricken with the virus when, in reality, they want to rob us blind.

The privately held cybersecurity company, Agari, issued a warning in late 2018 about California wildfire e-mail scams. The emails purported to come from corporate executives asking employees to make donations, which were actually intended to fatten the bank accounts of hackers.

In other words – you should also be extra cautious about your online presence, especially your e-mails and credit card accounts.

There's also an incredible opportunity here for cybersecurity. This marks a moment for the sector to become even more vital to our existence now that millions have shifted their lives online.

For investors… there's a way to cover the entire waterfront of this sector with one single investment, set to outperform the market for years to come… Full Story

For investors... there's a way to cover the entire waterfront of this sector with one single investment, set to outperform the market for years to come... Full Story

Trading Strategies

My Favorite Cybersecurity Play Is a Much Better Bet Than the Equifax Settlement

Equifax recently settled with the Federal Trade Commission over its massive 2017 consumer data breach, agreeing to pay up to $700 million to settle claims.

But the thing is that with just $31 million of the $700 million settlement set aside for financial claims, it’s possible individuals could collect as little as twenty cents.

That’s why Michael’s going to show you a stock that could “compensate” you better each year as the cybersecurity sector heats up…

The Dow Jones Today Will Get a Boost from the Federal Budget Deal

The Dow Jones today is gaining as Congress has reached a deal to extend the U.S. debt ceiling for another two years.

President Trump announced the deal Monday night on Twitter and commended Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

The new deal suspends the debt ceiling through July 2021 and permanently end the sequester that would see automatic cuts in January.


Double Your Money in Two Years with This Cybersecurity Stock

This is going to sound… odd. But hear me out.

Shopping for tires has a lot in common with picking cybersecurity stocks.

Here's how I came up with this line of thought.

My wife needs new tires for her luxury SUV, an Infiniti FX35, and they need to perform in all sorts of weather.

See, we live up in the hills, and she drives to work along narrow roads with dangerous, hairpin curves.

Some mornings, the fog is so thick that the roads get slick. In the rainy season, these roads get even slicker. If she skidded and went over the side, she could easily plunge 200 feet to the bottom of a canyon.

In other words, we are willing to pay extra to get excellent performance in all conditions.

You should take the same approach to investing in the growth field of cybersecurity.

While this is a vital industry, many of the stocks in this sector are choppy and news-driven.

That makes it easy to lose money on those kinds of trades if you get the timing wrong.

But I have uncovered what I believe is a great "all-weather" cybersecurity leader. This is the kind of stock that will keep you on the road to wealth even in the stormiest of conditions.

Plus, it's going to double in 2.4 years.

And I can prove it...


The Single Best Cybersecurity Stock to Buy as Global Cybercrime Skyrockets

The surge in cybercrime has created a massive $230 billion industry in cybersecurity – one that is set to grow exponentially over the next several years. In fact, a report from Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that spending to combat cybercrime could reach $1 trillion by 2021. With such impressive growth on the horizon, we're incredibly excited about the profit potential of this market over the next several years. That's why's we're bringing you the best cybersecurity stock to buy in 2018.