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Dow Jones Industrial Average Rips Higher on May Jobs Report

The Dow Jones Industrial Average blasted more than 600 points to start the day.

But danger looms in the latest jobs report.

The U.S. unemployment level is expected to jump close to 20% as companies attempt to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Here's everything moving the Dow today.



Markets Live Recap: Bad Jobs Data Snaps the Stock Market's Win Streak

Another 1.88 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits over the last week (compared to Dow Jones estimate of 1.78 million).

42.6 million citizens have now filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic 11 weeks ago.

More concerning, however, were the 21.5 million people who filed continuing claims. That's a gain of 649,000 over the past week, which is also worse than Wall Street expected.

These statistics definitely weighed on investors sentiment, who have been confident that the economy will be able to successfully reopen over the summer.

Here's how our experts - Chris Johnson and Shah Gilani - see things playing out in the economy, plus the stocks you can buy or sell to profit today.


The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Before We Discover a COVID-19 Vaccine Offer 200% Upside

Some of the economy and stock market segments that have been decimated by the pandemic will come roaring back once a vaccine is widely available.

Even though many of these hard-hit stocks have jumped this week, they have a long way to go before they reach last year's high watermarks.

Travel will come roaring back when a vaccine allows the economy to function at full speed.

Some cruise lines are reporting strong bookings for cruises in late 2020 and into 2021.

The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) is shooting to reopen its theme parks on July 1.

People like to travel and love their vacations, after all.

That's why these three stocks will shoot higher as soon as the virus is credibly contained.

If you're confident we'll get a vaccine sooner or later, then these are the stocks to stock up on right now...

Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Ticks Higher on Small Rebound in Crude Oil Prices

The Dow Jones may correct slightly today as oil prices rebound from their historic collapse to negative territory.

A round of earnings reports could also provide a little spark.

But the impact of coronavirus continues to weigh heavy on the U.S. economy.

Here’s everything moving the Dow Jones today.

Trading Strategies

Ten Stocks to Avoid Right Now (and One Trade to Make)

We finished our second straight week of stock gains on Friday. Where we go next – well, it's not so simple in a market like this.

We haven't seen the last of a downturn, with all the uncertainty that will still weigh on markets.

We're still in bear market territory, with more downside pressure ahead.

Don't let that scare you. In fact, a bear market is my favorite kind of market to trade in. Back in 2008, when markets fell 50% from their peak, I made $5 million in less than two years. So rest assured that a bear market isn't one without opportunities.

Trading is just one step in a solid bear market profit plan. Another is knowing which stocks to ditch, to keep them from dragging down your portfolio. Even if they're seeing rallies right now, it's likely those are short term with no real earnings or growth to support the gains.

But even considering that every single stock in the following list will head lower, with the power of options, you can expect to profit off a stock that is tumbling down, flying up, or stuck sideways… Full Story

But even considering that every single stock in the following list will head lower, with the power of options, you can expect to profit off a stock that is tumbling down, flying up, or stuck sideways... Full Story

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Jumps Over 60 Points as Pepsi Kicks Off Earnings Season

The Dow Jones today posted a 61 point gain in premarket trading after PepsiCo. posted better than expected earnings before Tuesday's open.

Pepsi's earnings report kicked of Q2 earnings season.

Analysts expect a wide range of companies to provide guidance concerning the long term impact of 2017's tax cuts and the Trump administration's recent imposition of tariffs on international trade partners.