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Three Stocks to Sell Today

Some investors have been trying to buy the “pandemic stocks” on the recent dips, but Andrew Keene says that’s a mistake because they’ve already peaked for the last time.

It’s time to take profits, and these COVID-era outperformers are stocks to sell right now….



This Top Dividend Stock Just Got Even Better

On Monday night, telecom giant Verizon confirmed that it’s selling its Yahoo! and AOL media holdings to private equity firm Apollo Global Management.

Verizon’s willingness to sell while taking a $4 billion-plus hit shows its eagerness to get out of the media and digital advertising space and re-focus on where the growth really is: 5G.

Here’s what you need to know… .



Why Twitter Stock Is Lagging Its Tech Rivals

Twitter stock is one of the few social media and tech stocks that is struggling recently.

You notice this more easily when comparing Twitter to other social media companies like Facebook having a monster year.

However, remember that Mr.

Market like to exaggerate these kinds of differences.

Here is why Twitter stock is really lagging behind Big Tech, and what to expect from the stock later in the year.



Three Tech Stocks to Load Up on in a Nasdaq Correction

Due to the current pandemic recovery, the mighty Nasdaq's fallen as low as 10.5% into a textbook market correction.

Yesterday's rally, however, could be a sign that the next leg up is around the corner.

There may not be much time to move on the stocks Michael's showing you today.

And you certainly don't want to miss out on the opportunity… .