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Today Is the Biggest Day in the History of Cannabis - Here's What to Expect Next

After months of wrangling, speculating and waiting, Canada marijuana legalization officially happens today (Oct. 17).

This is the day that medical, recreational, CBD, and everything in between will be fully legal, and it will be a huge catalyst for investors who act now.

Today, we want to help our readers navigate the Canadian marijuana market by taking a look at exactly what it means for marijuana stocks and what we can expect going forward.

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Why These Two Pot Companies Keep Exchanging the "No. 1" Title

What an incredible time to own legal cannabis shares – particularly these shares.

Tilray and Aurora Cannabis have been the marijuana sector's "super stocks" of this summer. They've thrown off unthinkably large gains over the past few weeks and months.

Most recently, Tilray was riding high – up more than 30% – on news that it had secured U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) approval to import research cannabis to the University of California San Diego's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research.

And as you may have seen the other day, it's Aurora's turn for the spotlight...

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The Shocking Ways "Big Government" Is Sending Cannabis Stocks Soaring

Summer 2018 was a season of surprises – mostly great ones – for cannabis investing.

Not long ago, few foresaw Corona's parent corporation Constellation Brands investing $3.8 million in what was already the world's biggest cannabis producer in its second deal together in less than a year…

Or Coca-Cola Co. starting negotiations with a cannabis company about a potential CBD-based beverage…

Or a British pharmaceutical developer getting the first U.S. Food & Drug Association approval for a cannabis-based medicine. 

Yet every one of those events happened… in short order.

With each time, cannabis stocks soared accordingly, especially for the companies directly involved.

Big news means major moves when it comes to cannabis investing.

But what I see as the biggest, most shocking developments of late haven't been happening in a board room. They've been happening in the shadows of the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. cannabis policy thaw is already underway, and the ongoing developments associated with it are going to be game changers for investors who don't wait for too long on the sidelines.

These are first-time events that herald a brand-new era of cannabis profits for shareholders.

We're talking about real movement in the slow and steady end of the longtime federal prohibition of marijuana.

Here are the three things I'm watching closest...

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This Blue-Chip Firm Is Showing Us the "Fast Lane" to Cannabis Billions

The cannabis market is starting to soar.

The United States is a huge market opportunity, with market projections growing from an estimated $8.5 billion last year to $23.4 billion in 2022, if only a few additional states legalize recreational use. And we're talking about as much as $50 billion if most states follow the trend.

But the biggest opportunity of all could come in a form people hadn't been talking about as much…

It's an opportunity that runs counter to the recreational market trend and the obsession with the cannabinoid THC – the one that causes users to get "high." 

I'm talking about some of the other highly prized cannabinoids present in marijuana - one in particular that one of the world's biggest, most well-known companies has taken a sudden interest in...

Marijuana Industry

As Pot Stocks Reach Record Highs, Here's What's Coming Next

For pot stock investors, the first half of 2018 stank.

It was choppy – to say the least – thanks in no small part to meddling from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

But I kept telling you to keep the faith – that a number of catalysts were lining up that would once again send legal marijuana stocks into the stratosphere.

I was right – and those of you who listened can feel a bit smug.

While other investors are scrambling to get back into legal cannabis, you're watching your holdings grow… and grow.

We can date cannabis' latest surge to Aug. 15. That was the day Constellation Brands Inc., the beverage giant behind Corona beer and Robert Mondavi wines, announced its plan to spend $3.8 billion to increase its stake in Canopy Growth Corp. to 38%.

In other words, a mainstream corporation had weighed the risks – and marched forward with a plan to dive into the marijuana industry… to the tune of billions of dollars.

The news sent marijuana stocks soaring.

This one stat shows it all: The bellwether North American Marijuana Index has climbed more than 175% since lows reached on Sept. 7, 2017.

And this is just the start…

In today's report, I'll tell you why that's so.

Plus, I'll reveal the latest Big Alcohol company to come sniffing around the cannabis industry.

And I'll help you find four pot stocks with triple-digit potential to buy now.

Before the next catalyst hits.

Take a look...