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Low Eurozone Inflation Proves How Helpless Central Banks Are

The European Central Bank (ECB) is loath to admit it, but it has no control over the Eurozone inflation rate.

According to official data released this morning (Monday), Eurozone inflation in August was unchanged at 0.2%.

That's far below the 2% inflation rate target sought by the ECB. And it shows just how ineffective the central bank's unprecedented monetary stimulus program has been.

Here's what the ECB will do next...

Low Stock Market Volume: It's Even Weaker Than You Think

Conventional investing wisdom tells us that when stocks rally on low stock market volume, traders perceive that lack of widespread participation as an indicator of the market's future vulnerability.

And as torrid as this rally in U.S. stock prices has been, the lack of trading volume has been a consistent cause for concern.

Unfortunately for market bulls, even this well-chronicled concern doesn't tell the whole story. That's because U.S. stock market volume is even worse – actually, much worse – than anyone realizes. And this ultra-low stock market volume should be sending up some serious red flags for investors.

To find out how Wall Street is artificially inflating stock-market volume, read on ...

Japan GDP Falls to Record Low but May Have Bottomed 

By Don Miller Associate Editor Money Morning Japan's Cabinet Office said today (Wednesday) that economic output fell to its worst levels ever, tumbling an annualized 15.2% in the first quarter, as the worst recession in 60 years hammered exports and consumer demand. Despite the disturbing news from Japan – the world's second largest economy – […]

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