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The Answers You've Been Looking for, All in One Place

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been focusing on the growing issue between passive investing and bloated ETFs… and I've gotten some great questions from readers who want to know more.

When this crash comes, whether it's a 'flash crash' or far more serious, I want my readers to be prepared to rake in serious profits while everyone else is in freefall. And I'm happy to take the time to address your specific questions if that means you will all be ready.

Here's exactly what you want to know about the coming ETF crisis, mutual funds, IPOs, and more…

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The 20 Best Donald Trump Quotes of All Time

Choosing the best Donald Trump quotes is no easy task, as the Republican presidential front-runner adds to the list almost daily.

Trump has been making outrageous and offensive statements for years, but now that he's running for president, they're getting more attention. Many of the worst examples aren't even off-the-cuff remarks in a speech, but comments he makes on Twitter.

These are not things any presidential hopeful should be saying...


What Happened to Government Transparency? All We See Is Illegal Stonewalling

In recent years, it's become easier for wrongdoers to get away with abusing their government-given power.

The Obama administration has made it increasingly difficult for federal watchdogs to obtain records, despite President Obama's assurances that his is the most transparent administration ever.

The stonewalling has disrupted at least 20 government investigations.

Here's what's been going on - and what will happen next...