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I Found Four Big Investing Ideas (and a Lot More) on a 900-Mile Motorcycle Run

You know, I've been motorcycling for as long as I can remember.

Not only is doing so a great way to see the world, but I don't think there's a better way to discover the world's best profit plays and biggest opportunities. That's why I'm keen to "get out of my garage" and hit the road every chance I get.

Last week, my bride – that's what I call Noriko, my wife of 24 years – and I took off along the coastal roads in Washington and Oregon.

Past trips have been south of the border… in Europe… Japan… even in mainland China. But the past week was all about getting into America's backroads and the small coastal towns that dot our landscape.

My goal was twofold…

First, I wanted to see if the cultural values that make our nation so great are still there, and rediscover how life outside the media-driven big cities works.

And second, my wife and I wanted to relax away from the crush of the big cities that increasingly dominate our lives.

We succeeded wildly on both counts!

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Trading Strategies

The Biggest Danger to Your Profits at a Time Like This

Traders and investors are just now sticking their toes back into the water after being spooked by the inverted yield curve that developed late last week, warning of a possible recession.

This kicked off the selling, with many analysts on the Street advising watchers to sell and sell some more.

But we know better, and we can tell that there's very real risk in this situation.

Though it's not what you might think...


3 Ways to Protect Your Portfolio (and Profit) from Interest Rate Hikes

Last month, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced it would raise interest rates for a third time this year and intended to initiate a fourth raise in the near future.

The Fed's aggressive interest rate tactics rattled concerned investors who believed that regular interest rate hikes could put a sizable dent in their portfolios.

After all, it's been a long time since investors have had to worry about higher interest rates. Between 2009 and 2015, the Federal Reserve held interest rates under 0.5% in an effort to lower borrowing costs and spur economic growth.


The Best Water Stocks to Buy in 2017

It's easy to overlook the best water stocks to buy when Wall Street focuses most of its attention on commodities like gold and oil.

But investors who buy water stocks recognize that water is the most precious commodity in the world.

It's also far more scare than most people realize. Combine that with skyrocketing global demand and you have a pretty solid investment case.

All that leaves is which water stocks to buy - and we've got four great picks for you...