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The $2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Makes These 2 Stocks "Must-Buys"

The United States badly needs to revitalize its infrastructure due to ongoing safety concerns and shifting demographics across the country.

Recently, Democratic leaders have agreed with President Trump that $2 trillion in spending should be allocated to rebuilding U.S. infrastructure through a bipartisan bill.

While Congress faces gridlock on a variety of other issues with President Trump, an excellent opportunity to make money from this infrastructure bill exists because it could land on his desk later this year…

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Surges 450 Points as Markets Hail Trade War Truce

The Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped 450 points in premarket trading after a purported "truce" in trade hostilities between China and the United States at the G-20 summit.

The White House announced it will delay a scheduled tariffs hike of $200 billion in Chinese goods that was set to take effect on January first.

China has agreed to not raise tariffs on U.S. goods at the New Year deadline as well.