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Let's Talk PCE, Dell, and Costco

Before we get started, I want to ask an important question… “Is the AI bubble bursting?” That’s the question I curiously typed into the newest version of ChatGPT early this morning. We’re going to talk about what ChatGPT replied with and how its reply confirms a growing trend that I am seeing in the market […]

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"Boring" Was Never This Exciting - 4 Ways to Play This Week's Earnings

The holiday shortened trading week is off to a relatively slow start as investors are looking at a market calendar that’s, well, just not that exciting. The economic calendar remains relatively light until Friday, when we’ll get the Personal Consumption Expenditures (CPE) report. I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome […]

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These Inflation-Fighting Retailers Are Winning

Last week, shares of Walmart (WMT) took off through the roof after the discount retailer announced earnings results that were better than investors’ expectations… But there was a catch. Walmart, known historically for its no-frills shopping experience and low prices, tends to attract buyers through their doors when things get tight with the family budget. […]

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Three Stocks: MindMed, Gold, and Costco

MindMed Despite the market’s headwinds, MindMed (MNMD)’s shares are trading 6% higher today as the stock has two drivers in place. Robert Barrow, the company’s CEO, is slated to appear on Mad Money with Jim Cramer tonight on CNBC. The CEO is likely to talk about progress with their pipeline, including MM120, an LSD-based treatment […]

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Amazon Just Kicked the Legs Out from Under Walgreens

It’s been a horrible couple of years for Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA). I never really considered the stores a “retail store” in the sense that I went there to buy anything outside of Band-Aids, Tylenol, sunscreen, and maybe an Ace Bandage here and there. On a sidenote, I buy all of that from Costco (COST) […]

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Three Stocks: Southwest, Boeing, and Costco

Southwest Airlines Southwest (LUV) shares are plunging today after management announced that they’re planning to cut seating capacity, citing ongoing challenges from Boeing (BA) as the reason. What’s worse, they also announced that they are rethinking the company’s 2024 financial forecasts, which is code for “providing lowered guidance.” Of course there’s blood in the streets… […]

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Costco Was Priced for Perfection Before Earnings

Let’s start with my “Walk Down Main Street” at Costco (COST) this weekend. I made a HUGE mistake. Normally, I try to go to Costco on a weekend night just to avoid the crowds. This week was different. I figured “hey, Costco missed their revenue mark by 1% on Thursday, that must mean there are […]

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Three Stocks: Costco, Tesla, and Rivian

Costco Costco (COST) delivered their fourth quarter results after the close last night, and shares are trading 6% lower as a result. The stock was a perfect set-up for a “sell the news” move as shares have rallied 6% in the week ahead of the report. Looking back further, COST stock was up 60% over […]

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Tech Stocks Recapture their Old Mojo as Important Numbers Emerge

U.S Stocks ended mixed on Thursday, with tech stocks leading the way.Nvidia Corp.(NVDA) soared 24%, now sitting squarely as the 5th largest public company in America right behind the trillionaire club.These gains are yet another sign that investors are willing to invest in promising tech stocks, despite the growing worries of a US debt default and impending recession, high interest rates, inflation and a slowing Chinese economy.