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“Windfall Tax” or Not, These Oil Stocks Are Still a Buy

President Biden took another jab at Big Oil yesterday, taking aim at a record $30 billion in combined industry earnings this quarter.He threatened higher taxes on oil companies should they fail to work to lower consumer gas prices.Americans continue to face high prices at the pump – $.3.75 a gallon on average nationwide – despite the Department of Energy releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

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How to Play Bitcoin and Bitcoin Stocks Right Now

Following its market debut, high buying volume drove Coinbase’s stock price to well over $400 a share and increased its value to over $100 billion.

With that much cash behind it, COIN has become an instant institution that’s moved the timeline forward on the crypto market.

So, what are the investing implications for Bitcoin and its biggest stocks? While the trend is currently down, Chris will show you some charts that’ll make clear just how big of a buying opportunity this is….


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Today Rips Higher on Stimulus Hopes

The Dow Jones today is up as investors continue to cheer about the potential stimulus from Congress.

Airline stocks led the way thanks to increased optimism that Congress will extend a $25 billion lifeline.

Around the globe, about 40 airlines have gone under this year, and D.C.

leaders are hoping that such failures won't pick up here in the United States.



Don't Miss This "Triple Play" Opportunity to Profit from Oil's Rebound

There's a lot of speculation over what the novel coronavirus panic will do to stocks.

That's why we've covered the best actions to take now, and we'll continue uncovering profit opportunities in these areas.

But more importantly, a huge cash cow has been revealed somewhere else.

You see, while the price of oil is down 24% in just the last month, demand isn't going away.

In fact, it'll increase this year.

I'm going to show you exactly how to do that today, with the three best ways you can play oil's rebound...


Why So Many Dividend Stocks Are Hiking Their Yields Right Now

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve held interest rates at a range of 1.5% to 1.75%.

Rates have remained low for more than a decade.

And they are likely to go lower, not higher, in the months ahead.

If you're mainly looking for fixed income from your investments, it's clear the Federal Reserve wants to limit your options.

But they can't lower the yields on our top dividend-paying stocks this week.

In fact, our top pick today just raised its dividend 25%.