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What Is Permania? It's a $1 Trillion Oil Boom Ripe for Massive Profits

"Permania" is a new term describing the oil boom in the Permian Basin, which spans parts of Texas and New Mexico.

A new discovery of 20 billion barrels of recoverable oil there, combined with a resurgence of American shale oil production, has oil companies flooding the region.

That's why we're going to show you exactly how to play Permania for double-digit profits this year and why it's such an earth-shaking event...


The Best Oil Company Stocks Are Money-Making Machines

The best oil company stocks of 2017 have explosive profit potential, and the recent dip in crude prices makes them a bargain to buy right now…

And by investing in the right oil company stocks, you can make double-digit profits this year.

We'll show you the best oil stocks to buy in just a minute, but before we get to that, we want to show you why oil investing is going to be so lucrative this year...


The 3 Top Oil Stocks to Buy This Year

Today, we're giving you the three top oil stocks to buy so you can take advantage of rising oil prices. Crude oil prices have already jumped 48% from their 2016 low, and Money Morning Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors predicts oil prices could rise another 20% in the first half of 2017. And the best way […]

Before we show you the best oil stocks to buy now, here's why investing in oil in 2017 is going to make you money...