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Markets Live Recap: Unemployment Totals Top 30 Million

Another 3.8 million Americans filed for unemployment this past week, bringing the total unemployed to over 30 million people.

The consensus estimate was for 3 million job losses, but coronavirus surprised to the upside yet again.

Stocks traded about 1% lower in early trading and found little support throughout the trading day, closing around the same level.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani – saw in the markets today and think investors should be positioning themselves as we head into Friday trading.



Markets Live Recap: Why the Dow Fell for the First Time in 5 Trading Days

Stocks started the day up about 1%, building on yesterday's positive momentum that 12 states were looking to reopen parts of their economies.

But as the latest earnings reports of the FAANG stocks came into focus, investors became nervous.

This afternoon, these market leaders started selling off ahead of their conference calls with analysts later this week.

That's what ultimately drove the market down mid-day and into the close.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - saw in the stock, bond, and gold markets today, April 28...


Markets Live Recap: Unemployment in Focus Today

This morning, United States weekly jobless claims came in at 4.4 million.

Just over 26 million Americans have now applied for unemployment… In the last 5 weeks.

That means the U.S. economy has wiped out all the job gains since the Great Recession.

Unemployment sits at 23% and it doesn't look like we're close to re-opening the economy any time soon.

Despite that, investors shrugged off the news, bidding up the S&P 500 about 1.7% to start the day.

But stocks turned over mid-day and closed about flat.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - saw in the financial markets today, April 23...

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How to Bank Fast Profits on the Treasury's Tumble

This options play is your low-risk ticket to cashing in on the U.S. government's lack of COVID-19 strategy.

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Trading Strategies

How to Lower Your Risk While Taking Advantage of This Historic Trading Volatility

Looking at the wild markets this week, one thing – maybe the only thing – for sure right now is that market volatility is here to stay.

Long-term investors will want to simply stay the course. Stay disciplined and stick to your established strategy.

Of course, daily 1,000-point swings have handed us many new short-term profit opportunities. Exploiting this volatility, as many smart traders do, can be very profitable.

Smart trading does not mean trying to find a stock that will pop and time your buying perfectly, as some investors have tried to do recently. Piling in to the "hot" biotech stock that's jumping on vaccine rumors can be extremely expensive and high-risk – and it rarely pays off.

That's why I love options. In a market like this one, they allow you to get in and get out in a short time frame, with much lower risk, much lower cost, and much lower stress, as well.

Of course, huge moves like this can bring increased risk to your trades – but there's a simple way to lower that risk while taking advantage of this historic volatility… Full Story

Of course, huge moves like this can bring increased risk to your trades - but there's a simple way to lower that risk while taking advantage of this historic volatility...

The Fed

How We Can "Front-Run" the Fed's New QE Policy and Bank Market-Beating Gains

The printing presses have barely cooled from the Federal Reserve's post-crisis $4.5 trillion quantitative easing binge. 2014 seems like a long time ago, but $4.5 trillion is still a lot of money, and that debt is still actively wreaking havoc down in the bedrock of the economy.

Unbelievably, they're firing up the printing presses yet again down in the bowels of the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building.

This time, they're engaging in a $60 billion monthly bailout of the Treasury market, specifically in the short-duration (six months or less) T-bill space.

That's $60 billion a month, folks. Annualized, this money-printing adds up to another $720 billion in fiat money creation and nosebleed-level deficit financing.

This reeks of pure desperation – panic mode at the Fed. But for savvy investors, there are three unique, easy ways to cash in on the chaos.

Let me show you… Full Story

Let me show you...


Grab the 1,000% Profit Potential in "Black Swans"

We might as well get used to it; rates are likely to stay lower for longer.

All around the world, there are around $17 trillion in assets "offering" negative yield, which is to say whatever government you're financing promises to give most of your money back at maturity.

Investors are seeking the return of their money rather than return on their money.

Here in the United States, the president is pounding the table for lower interest rates to boost the economy; the Fed is speculating openly about a global slowdown and a protracted trade war.

Same old, same old.

The only ones that even hint of something different are the "permabears" – you know, the folks who always talk about doom, gloom, and the end of the world.

So, oddly enough, I find myself asking: "Hmm... What if they're right?"...

The Fed

Exactly What the Fed's Latest Testimony Means for the Market

On July 10, everyone's eyes and ears were on one thing – the Fed. And there's a good reason why.

You see, after the U.S.-China trade war heated up last May, the market fell further than it had all year. And the Fed was the only thing that was able to pull it back up.

Yesterday, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell delivered his long-awaited testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

And the market was listening for one very important catalyst…

Rate cuts.

Read more here...

Trading Strategies

How to Predict Markets Better Than Any Cable TV Pundit

Turn on CNBC, Fox Business Network, or any other financial news channel before the markets open, and you'll get a slew of people predicting what the markets will do that day.

But they'll never tell you how or why they said what they do.

That's why today, our Tom Gentile's going to give you a set of "secret weapons" the cable crowd can only dream of.

You'll not only be able to easily move with the markets and correctly tell what's coming, you'll also be making money with these moves...