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Denver Cannabis Sales Totaled $587 Million in 2017, and This Is Just the Beginning

Denver cannabis sales in 2017 totaled $587 million.

The city doubled its tax revenue from the previous year to $44 million.

And this is just the start of how big things are going to get in the cannabis industry. In fact, legal sales in North America are expected to reach a staggering $24.5 billion by 2021...


How to Buy Marijuana Stocks in 2017 with 4 Investing Strategies

Finding the right marijuana stocks to invest in is difficult.

While cannabis is legal in certain states, it's still illegal under U.S. federal law. That makes investing in cannabis stocks speculative right now.

But when cannabis becomes legal across the United States, these are the marijuana stocks you will want to have on your radar...


3 Marijuana Stocks to Watch in August 2017

Before August 2017, we have three marijuana stocks to watch our readers need to know about.

That's because of three events, the prices for these three pot stocks could start to move.

Here's everything you need to know about the cannabis stocks to watch, plus a bonus opportunity from a pot "bombshell" that just hit Canada.