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This Week's Best Stock Offers 82% Gains at a Steep Discount

How do you tell the difference between a prime “buy the dip” situation and one that would be classified as, “don’t try and catch a falling knife”? Chris is going to show you just how to do that today, because when you have a good chart, it’s easy to tell the difference between a genuine buying opportunity like the one he’s got for you and, well, a falling knife….


This COVID-19 Vaccine Stock Has More Upside Than Pfizer or Moderna

Developing effective vaccines against a deadly global pandemic is certainly bullish for a stock.

Indeed, Moderna and Pfizer shareholders have put away as much as 516% and 51% gains, respectively.

And when a lot of investors see this, they fear they’ve missed out.

Well, Michael’s here to assure you that you haven’t; not by a long shot.

And today, he’s got a vaccine stock you should put at the top of your “must-buy” list for the week ahead… .


The No. 1 Sector to Buy Into Right Now

While bank stocks had a great run higher, they started selling off last week and into this week, causing investors to exit America’s most profitable bank shares by the masses.

Shah thinks this is a huge, expensive mistake, and doesn’t want you to be one of them.

Fact is, right now is the best time to buy banks.

And with billions being left on the table, the profits are right there for the taking… .


A Market Correction Is Coming - Here's What to Do

The S&P 500 just hit an all-time high last week, but today investors are bracing for a market correction.

If that sounds completely crazy to you, then you're not alone.

As always, we're here to help.

Let's break down a few of the big questions investors are asking right now, then get into what investors can do to protect and grow their money during this uncertain time.

Why GoodRx Stock Is One of My Top Reopening Plays

You already know the economic recovery from the pandemic is going to be great for travel, dining, and entertainment, but it's also going to be great for a surprising sector: healthcare.

This is a big part of the reason why I see GoodRx (NASDAQ: GDRX) as such an interesting reopening play.

Even better, it's a strong company that's flying under the radar right now.

You see, everyone is already piling into the trendy recovery stocks, but that could backfire in a big way.

Here's why every recovery stock isn't the same and why that makes GoodRx one of the best stocks to buy now...

The Best High-Yield Dividend Stock Pays 8% Now

High-yield dividend stocks offer investors refuge in volatile markets like this one.

Stocks are near record highs, while inflation fears and a sputtering economy threaten to wipe out these gains.

Adding a dividend paying stock to your portfolio can help minimize the risk.

The trouble is, they’re harder than ever to find.

At Money Morning we’ve done the in-depth research to find dividend stocks paying healthy yields.

And the strategy we've uncovered is the perfect solution for any income-seeking investor...

The Best Trades to Profit on the Oil and Gas Recovery

The term “supercycle” – an extended, mega-bullish run that can take years to run its course – has been making a lot of headlines lately, particularly when it comes to crude oil.

And whether you’ve been through a supercycle before or it’s your very first time, Andrew’s going to walk you through everything, make his predictions, and, best of all, name some stocks to buy and trade to cash in on what’s coming….


Why the Splunk Stock Price Keeps Falling Lower

Splunk is the data and analytics stock that has been left behind.

While many other data-related stocks have continued to move higher, the Splunk stock price has cooled off in 2021.

So far, the stock is off by more than 16% year to date.

This is often when the mainstream media rush in and scream "BUY," but it might be a little early for that.

Here's why...

The Medical Marijuana Stock to Buy Before the Schedule I Change

The FDA's Schedule I label on cannabis is the single biggest barrier holding medical marijuana stocks back.

That barrier could be coming down soon, and you'll want to own shares of GW Pharmaceuticals when it does.

Lo and behold – a bill is moving through the U.S.

Senate to do just this.

Here's why this bill could be the biggest breakthrough for medical marijuana stocks we've ever seen...