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Ignore the Headlines; Airline Stocks Are Great Buys Right Now

Boeing's commercial 737 Max just crashed twice in a span of three months.

WOW Air went bankrupt last week, stranding several thousand passengers.

Hundreds of planes were grounded on Monday due to a computer malfunction.

And oil prices are going up.

Still, airline stocks are some of the best buys on the market right now.

And you can cash in while less savvy investors overreact to the negative headlines...

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We're Going to Double Our Money on the Weakest Stock in the Dow's Weakest Sector

The current pullback in stocks has people talking "crossroads" – decision time for the bulls and bears.

The current pullback is still small and not decisive by itself. But there are some hints that the sellers could take control of the market, and the sector landscape reflects that.

I mean, we're beginning to see some tectonic shifts that may be giving us a tip on where things are headed in March.

But overall, the "risk-on" sectors have remained strong performers through 2019. Sectors like biotech, semiconductors, and small caps continue to see strong scores from my Best in Breed system.

All of that suggests this pullback isn't a head-for-the-hills moment, but a golden opportunity to make some cash...