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3 DRIP Stocks with 4% Yields

If dividend stocks provide investors with predictable income, then DRIP stocks offer significant long-term growth potential.

As a result, DRIP stocks allow you to own more shares of the company or fund over time, making them an excellent way to consistently grow your wealth by compounding your returns.



5 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

There’s no better time than now to invest in dividend stocks.

And some of the best dividend stocks that beat the S&P 500’s average yield of 2.00% can be found in the healthcare sector.

Global dividends fell by 12.2% in 2020 after the pandemic forced businesses and corporations to make a total of $220 billion in dividend cuts between the second and fourth quarters of 2020.

Since then, dividend payments jumped 26% to $471.7 billion.

And dividends paid to investors are expected to pay out $1.39 trillion by the end of the year.

We only have to look at one sector to find the best combination of yields and strong balance sheets.


Trading Strategies

Here Are Three of My Favorite Dividend Plays - Including One with a 7.4% Yield

Our Shah Gilani calls this time "The Era of the Income-Challenged Investor."

And with good reason.

Fed policymakers just voted to keep benchmark short-term interest rates down near zero and they're likely to stay there until 2022.

In fact, the Fed's held rates so low for so long that there are no decent-yielding fixed-income investments.

And the stock market's no exception.

Thanks to the pandemic, 40 S&P 500 companies suspended dividends and another 18 cut them completely in the first five months of the year.

But that doesn't mean there aren't great dividend plays available.

Lots of companies pay fat dividends to their stockholders, earn plenty of money regularly to keep paying them, and offer a wealth-building "kicker" called appreciation.

Today, Shah's going to tell you about three of his favorites.

They'll add a nice income stream to your investments no matter where you are in your investment journey...


The 5 Best High-Yield Dividend Stocks to Buy in This Bear Market

High-yield dividend stocks typically carry some risk, but the devastating impact of the coronavirus on the economy has upset an otherwise sound strategy.

Many companies that were thriving before the crisis have trimmed or suspended their dividends – including such top names as Disney.

That means income investors are on the hunt for companies least likely to cut payouts as this crisis plays out.

And we've got five top picks to get you started...


3 Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks to Hedge Your Portfolio

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is coming off its sharpest drop into a bear market in history this month.

The ongoing coronavirus response has effectively shut down the hospitality, travel, and restaurant industries.

With that in mind, turning to blue-chip dividend stocks is one way to hedge your portfolio right now.

These stocks may pull back with the rest of the market, but any dividend payments will serve as hedges now.

Today, we're going to discuss three high-yield dividend stocks that offer tremendous upside when the coronavirus passes and we move toward full recovery.


Trading Strategies

The Two Things to Do When the Dow Falls 500 Points

My colleague Keith Fitz-Gerald told you yesterday how we could see a 3% to 5% market drop as more coronavirus news comes out. The Dow's lost about 1.8% since Friday.

Usually this week we'd be diving into earnings-related profits – it's one of the biggest earnings weeks of the quarter.

But that's getting overshadowed by virus-related volatility.

When markets have big down days – when the Dow drops 500 points and the S&P drops 50, with reason to keep going – I think two things: 1) Where's safety? and 2) How do I trade it?

If you know how to answer both of those questions, you don't have to sweat market drops. In fact, you just use them to make money.

And when you have a chart like this one, it gets even easier… Full Story

And when you have a chart like this one, it gets even easier...