This Cannabis Play Delivered 344% Profits for Starters

Our Bill Patalon recently had a conversation with Money Morning's Director of Cannabis Investing Research, Don Yocham, about the monster rally in cannabis stocks sparked by the Democratic sweep of the White House and Congress.

He's sharing all the critical points of their chat with you, plus a winning cannabis play…


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The Three “Sparks” That Will Make This Tiny Sector the Top Wealth Play for 2021

Cannabis is the single most promising sector of the “new” economy, where revenue’s growing so fast that some leading firms are doubling their sales every 23 months.

Investors who recognize this now and act immediately will position themselves as a new class of millionaires over the next year and years to come.

Here are two stock picks to get you started….



The Top Marijuana Stocks to Buy After 5 States Legalize Cannabis

We've said in the past here at Money Morning, that it's not a matter of if but when cannabis is fully legal across all 50 states.

And this election cycle was just another sign we're on that path.

But not every pot stock is going to benefit the same.

That's why I went digging for the companies that stand to benefit the most from these five states passing new laws.

Below are the top two marijuana to buy now.

One could even double your money over the next year...

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It's Like We're at the Starting Line for the Greatest Wealth Journey of Our Lifetimes

Meshing innovation and capital is like the wealth equivalent of the "Big Bang Effect" and it's exactly what we're about to see in the cannabis sector.

Plus, our Don Yocham's predicting a stock-market "Big Bang" that's a starting line for perhaps the greatest wealth journey of our lifetimes….


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Why This "Sea Change" in Cannabis Is Rewarding Investors with a Huge Wealth Opportunity

I'm in a jam of my own making.

Cold water sprints past just below my knees in a stream coursing by within a solid 1-wood of my front porch. I struggle to keep my water-logged Converse sneakers firmly planted on the slick river rocks underfoot.

Meanwhile, a rat's nest of fishing line rests in my hand.

I'm in this pickle because of a clumsy attempt at keeping my fly out of a limb flush with Autumn leaves reaching over the stream's edge. I panicked and jerked my backcast. Now this jumbled ball of frustration stands between me and another afternoon fishing that ends in a "shutout."

There's an easy solution – an easy "out," of course.

I can just cut the line.

But I don't.

Having arrived in this exact same position a thousand times before has taught me that patience and a couple of well-placed tugs will untangle this unruly mess.

Instead, I hold the hopelessly tangled bundle in my hand and start gently teasing at the knotted mess.

The knots in my leader yield, and I get back to letting the fish outsmart me.

Patience has its own rewards. And sometimes it even pays.

The years have taught me that, whether through pastimes or my 26-plus-year-long investing career, patience has its place. Wield it well, and you get rewarded.

But I've also learned the hard way to recognize the point when patience must yield to action. And when that point comes, you either make your move or watch as one of those all-too-rare opportunities blows right past you.

Those of you invested in cannabis over the past year and a half have learned a thing or two about frustration – and about patience. But now that patience is paying off: We're witnessing a real "sea change" in cannabis stocks this year.

And this sea change means one thing – the time for patience has given way to action.

You don't want to miss the huge wealth opportunity that's coming directly our way.

Let me show you what I mean. And let me show you how to put this bit of investing insight to good use with cannabis stocks… Full Story

Let me show you what I mean. And let me show you how to put this bit of investing insight to good use with cannabis stocks...

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The Irish Knight Who “Invented” Gatorade Pioneered Medical Cannabis – and Led Us to This $7 Cannabis Stock

Today, our Don Yocham will be telling you a real “Knight’s Tale” about William O’Shaughnessy, who pioneered medical cannabis and led us to this $7 cannabis stock.

That’s right, this is the kind of “Knight’s Tale” that can make you rich….


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Three Powerful Forces Are Converging on the Cannabis Industry

While 20 million to 30 million unemployed Americans is a tough number to stomach, one bright sector of the economy will help many of those affected reinvent their careers – cannabis.

Leading companies like Cresco Labs Inc., Curaleaf Holdings Inc., and Green Thumb Industries are proving that cannabis legalization is a key part of getting people back to work and getting the economy back on its feet.

These companies are still selling, building, and yes, even hiring.

And because of three powerful forces converging on this industry, cannabis will soon prove to be the biggest builder of tomorrow's fortunes.

Here's our Don Yocham with all the details...

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Illinois Is Blazing the Trail for Cannabis Profits from “Prohibition Territory”

It's been just over a month since Illinois has been legally selling recreational marijuana, and the response has been incredible.

In fact, in just the first month, Illinois hauled in a total $39.2 million.

That puts the state on pace for $470 million in total sales for 2020.

This all has to do with Illinois' neighbors…

Bordering Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky, Illinois is in the perfect spot to capture the money people want to spend on legal, tested, and safe products.

It's become an "oasis" in prohibition land.

And it's proof of the profitability of a safe, regulated, market.

And it's proof of the profitability of a safe, regulated market. After the first year of legal recreational sales, it's going to be a wakeup call for the states dragging their feet, which is a huge catalyst for change - and profits...

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Why These Companies Are Racing to Profit from Oklahoma's Cannabis Market

With every U.S. state that goes "green," we see cannabis companies eager to serve these legalized markets.

The latest state to draw cannabis investment is none other than Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is one of the biggest markets in the country when you look at the number of medical cannabis cardholders per resident. It's estimated that nearly 5% of Oklahoma residents have a medical card, with 15.6 cannabis dispensaries per 100,000 residents. That puts it second only to Oregon.

Doctors in Oklahoma are able to prescribe medical cannabis for any condition. As of Jan. 20, the state had 235,786 patients.

Pair such a large market with the growth potential that more liberal laws offer, and you get more and more cannabis companies – like the ones I'll cover today – heading to the Sooner State… Full Story

Pair such a large market with the growth potential that more liberal laws offer, and you get more and more cannabis companies - like the ones I'll cover today - heading to the Sooner State... Full Story