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The Real Supreme Court Bombshell Could Ignite One Sector

It's all over the news today: Senate Republicans unanimously voted to advance Amy Coney Barrett's nomination for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to the full Senate.

Meanwhile, a court matter of huge importance to investors isn't front-page news, but most definitely should be: The Supreme Court may very well have the $9 trillion tech sector – particularly the FAANGs – in its sights.

Of course, the Supreme Court hears and rules on cases of national and even global importance sometimes. But it's not every day a case like Malwarebytes Inc. v. Enigma Software Group USA LLC comes up. This case concerns massive issues of technology, money, freedom of speech, and everything that stems from that – including the elections – all rolled into one.

There's a lot at stake here, and I'm going to walk you through what's going on because, as I said, this is a $9 trillion issue impacting some of the richest, best-performing stocks in the market. Vast fortunes, including countless retirement accounts, are in play.

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks… or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel… Full Story

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks... or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel...

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My Favorite Cybersecurity Play Is a Much Better Bet Than the Equifax Settlement

Equifax recently settled with the Federal Trade Commission over its massive 2017 consumer data breach, agreeing to pay up to $700 million to settle claims.

But the thing is that with just $31 million of the $700 million settlement set aside for financial claims, it’s possible individuals could collect as little as twenty cents.

That’s why Michael’s going to show you a stock that could “compensate” you better each year as the cybersecurity sector heats up…


This Is the Most Important Cybersecurity IPO to Watch Right Now

If nothing else, remember the name CrowdStrike…

This company will soon hold the most important cybersecurity IPO in 2019…

Right now, the cybersecurity industry is in the midst of incredible growth.

In 2018, cybersecurity was valued at $137.8 billion globally. In the next four years, Money Morning Defense and Tech Specialist Michael Robinson expects the value to go up to $231.9 billion.

That's 68% industry growth in just four years.

And that's just the start...


Here's How to Capture Big Profits from the Cybersecurity Industry

Where some might get mad, I like to get even.

See, when we spoke back on Oct. 22, I told you how I've fallen for my 2109 Acura MDX hybrid, and the broader scope of autonomous driving capabilities.

Thing is, I left out an embarrassing anecdote. As it turns out, what happened to me during the buying process also happens to millions of others. And today, I want to show you a great way to play the best firms that are addressing the issue.

But before I do, let's go back to what happened at the Acura dealership. See, everything was running smoothly until the finance manager came to tell my wife and me that our credit didn't go through.

No, we are not deadbeats. We have very high credit scores. We had simply forgotten one small detail: After the infamous 2017 hack at Equifax Inc. compromised 143 million accounts, including ours, we froze our credit.

This meant that no one, not even us, could take out a loan or credit card in our name. Fortunately, it only took a few minutes for us to log in to the credit agency and get the lease financing approved.

But the situation got me thinking a lot about our brute-force protection system when reading about the latest big cyber intrusion. This one, announced Nov. 30 of last year, involved 500 million hotel customers – once again, including my wife and me.

It seems that consumers like us can't go very far these days without hearing about some sort of corporate data breach that compromises our private data.

Fortunately, this steady stream of computer hacks and cybercrimes aren't only a cause of concern.

They also present the opportunity for savvy investors to choose an investment that will beat the market, again, this year…

You're going to want to see this...


3 of the Best Investments to Make During Extreme Volatility

The stock market spoiled investors last year with low volatility and outsized returns. In 2017, the Dow Jones climbed nearly 27% while the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) fell more than 34%.

Unfortunately, that trend has ended. Since peaking in January, the Dow has slipped 10%, while volatility has skyrocketed. The VIX is up almost 100% in 2018 alone.

That kind of volatility breeds fear in many retail investors. But it can also create a massive profit opportunity for those who know where to look.

That's why we're bringing you three of the best investments to make during times of extreme volatility.