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Double Your Money in Two Years with This "Hungry" Food Tech Stock

My wife and I have taken on a new Friday night ritual.

And it just so happens to involve what promises to be a very lucrative trend for savvy tech investors.

Let me explain.

My wife and I have pretty demanding jobs, and we just doesn't have the energy to cook on Friday nights. So, for years, we'd usually order pizza to be delivered, occasionally switching things up with Chinese.

But a few months back, our mobile-centric daughters started talking up the joys of online ordering for food delivery. We decided to give it a try, and now we're hooked. One of the things we like most about this type of service is it gives us the ability to order from dozens of local restaurants.

And that's playing out in homes all over America as online and mobile orders shake up the U.S. restaurant industry – one currently valued at roughly $800 billion.

So, even a small portion of that massive market spells big profits for a firm that has the right kind of tech to hook hungry buyers as repeat clients.

With that in mind, today I'm going to show you a firm that is doing just that.

And I'll show you why its stock is set to double in less than two and a half years...


Two Easy Ways to "Reimburse" Yourself at the Pump This Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is about to kick off, but the buzz surrounding the holiday weekend is different than usual.

In the past, most people packed their bags for a long weekend getaway, but now, many are wondering if that short trip is even worth the gas money…

As you've probably noticed, it costs a little more at the pump than it did a month ago…

But here are two easy ways for you to "reimburse" yourself at the pump...


Not Even This One-Two Punch Can Knock Out Our Top Military Tech Play

I've flown all over the world in all kinds of jetliners, and usually when the plane gets going, I tune out the safety presentation.

Been there, done that.

But on a recent Southwest Airlines flight from Money Map Press headquarters in Baltimore to Oakland International Airport, I listened carefully as the flight attendant described the plane's safety features.

And when I looked around, I noticed a lot more passengers than usual doing the exact same thing.

Just two days before, a woman died on a Dallas-bound Southwest flight after an engine failed and she was nearly sucked out of the cabin.

At a time like this, many investors might shy away from The Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA), which made the ill-fated 737 aircraft in question.

But today, I'm going to show you why that would be a big mistake...


These Two Firms Just Created the Ultimate Renewable Energy Hybrid

Renewable energy's place as part of the global "energy balance" is a delicate scale.

As its prospects and contribution rise, limitations also appear.

There are several main elements involved.

First, the intermittent nature of solar and wind power (the sun doesn't shine 24/7, and the wind isn't always blowing) means alternative, more traditional generation sources must remain online to cover the slack periods or those in which demand peaks.

Second, the absence of new rounds of government credits results in the flattening out of pricing advantages.

And third, the higher unit production costs that are absorbed by end users through existing state requirements include mandated portions of renewable energy. 

The world's overall reliance on renewables like solar and wind has and will continue to rise. But that growth has also raised questions about how much higher that reliance can move.

This is particularly troubling for large regions of the world in desperate need of additional electricity like the Caribbean and Puerto Rico.

There, only one, potentially dangerous solution remains – low-quality coal.

And even that might not be an option for some...

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Two Market Disruptors Worth Betting Big On in 2018

When it comes to making money in the markets, there's nothing like being on the right side of massive disruptions.

Imagine knowing ahead of time how computers, smartphones, and social media would change the world. Or that a mortgage meltdown would bring global financial systems to the brink of Armageddon.

Or that oil would quadruple in 1974, hit $145 a barrel in 2008, and drop to $32 by the end of that year.

How much could you have made riding some of those long-term trends or short-term upheavals?

Millions. If you were playing with institutional money, it would be hundreds of billions.

If you missed out on all that big money, don't worry. You're going to get another chance. Three chances, in fact. Because stocks, bonds, and commodities are going to give you plenty of opportunities in 2018.

Here's what you're going to be able to bet big on and win with this year.

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Why I'm Really Excited About the Next Two Weeks

My paid-up Stealth Profits Trader readers had the chance to play 59 triple-digit winning recommendations in 2017.

I'm expecting 2018 to be even bigger, if you can believe it, starting right now.

When the bell rang yesterday morning on the first trading day of the new year, trading began under the direct influence of the most sweeping tax reform to hit corporations and individuals since 1986.

It'd be tough to overstate the impact this is going to have on the markets – and your bottom line if you play it right.

I expect the explosion in stock prices that's been unfolding over the past few weeks and months of the legislative push will have been "just a taste" as we get deeper into 2018.

Here's what I'm looking at...