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Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Drops More than 1,000 Points at Session Low Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average could lose more than 600 points today on South Korea's 600 reported coronavirus cases.

South Korea raised alert on coronavirus to the "highest level" this morning. The ongoing spike of cases outside of China has driven governments to panic, while analysts continue to warn that global economic growth is poised to slump.

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Marijuana Industry

Where to Start Making Money as Cannabis Grows into a $4 Trillion Market

Together, we stand at the cusp of a truly unique opportunity. Never before have everyday investors had such early access to the birth of an entirely new industry.

And never before has a new industry emerged with well over 260 million customers already in place – spending nearly $350 billion a year in both legal and black market sales.

Compare that figure to the current $20 billion legal cannabis market and you can clearly see a wealth-building opportunity that has a lot of room to run.

At the pace that recreational use is getting legalized, that $20 billion market has to grow at 80% per year just to keep up.

Revenue surging at 80% per year for a brand-new industry is completely unprecedented.

With much of the road paved with existing demand, and because of the current lack of federal regulations, everyday investors like you have the chance to get in on the ground floor.

It's a truly historic opportunity – and I get the pleasure of helping you make the most of it.

Here's how I plan to do that for you… Full Story

Here's how I plan to do that for you... Full Story