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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Pops on High Earnings Hopes

The Dow Jones Industrial Average could add more than 200 points today thanks to fleeting concerns about the spread of coronavirus and a focus on earnings reports.

This morning, Chinese television media also reported that a research team at Zhejiang University has found an effective treatment for coronavirus.

However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that no real treatment has emerged for the virus just yet. More on these developments below.


Trading Strategies

How to Profit Off the $7 Billion Loss Handed to Tesla Short Sellers

Yesterday, we talked about the seven myths to avoid for a successful retirement, and I promised I'd be bringing you a company that can jump-start your retirement savings. Today I'm making good on that promise.

The company I want to talk about is none other than Tesla, which has been all over the news lately.

The company has always made my favorite cars in the auto industry. It's been a consistent headline-maker from the start, thanks to CEO Elon Musk's infamous unpredictability. We're not even a month into the year, and we've already seen "news" like "Watch Elon Musk Dance Like Your Drunk Uncle."

But these are more than just clickbait shenanigans. You see, there's a reason Musk gets away with his impulsive behavior – he has the success to back it up.

Beneath these headlines, something big is happening in the world of Tesla. Play it right, and it could allow you to retire with the comfort and peace of mind that we talked about yesterday.

Here's how… Full Story

Here's how...Full Story

Trading Strategies

These “Low-Priced Five” Are the Simplest Way to New Year's Profits

Our Tim Melvin doesn’t need to be a mathematician to make profits – and neither do you.

All you need is a few simple rules and 20 minutes a month.

In fact, that can help you outperform Wall Street by an average of 542%.

It’s a very straightforward system that could easily make you rich – if you have the discipline to stick with it.

Once you know how to find the target stocks – the “Low-Priced Five” – which Tim will show you today, you repeat the process every four weeks.

And here are your first "Low-Priced Five" for 2020... Full Story


Profit 110% from Our Top Electric Vehicle Stock

General Motors (NYSE: GM) stock is down more than 11% since the United Autoworkers (UAW) strike began on Sept. 15.

But it's giving this top electric vehicle stock a 110% pop.

On the surface, it looks like just another giant company has trouble seeing eye-to-eye with its employees.

In reality, this is not about one company – it's about the entire auto manufacturing sector.