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Dow Jones

Dow Jones Slides 200 Points as Reality Sets in for the Markets

The Dow Jones lost more than 200 points in the first five minutes today.

Markets could finally be reflecting the economic devastation of the pandemic lockdown.

The House of Representatives has pitched a potential $3 trillion stimulus package.

More on this below.

Plus, Gilead Sciences (NASDAQ: GILD) just made progress on its COVID-19 treatment.

Here's everything moving the Dow today.



Markets Live Recap: Stocks Jump After Successful Treatment Trials

Investors got another vote of confidence today and bid stocks higher after Dr. Anthony Fauci expressed optimism about a potential coronavirus treatment from Gilead Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: GILD).

Gilead's Remdesivir drug preliminary results showed at least 50% of patients treated with a five-day dosage improved.

The S&P 500 jumped 2.6%, putting the index on track for its best month since 1974.

At the same time, the curve does not appear to be flattening in the United States yet.

As of yesterday, over 1 million Americans have officially been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

And 32 million Americans are still officially unemployed.

That's approximately 19.5% of the 164.5 million total work force.

The stock market is clearly not representing the economy right now.

Instead, it's being propped up by the government.

Here's what our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, and Shah Gilani – thought about today's positive move and where they see stocks moving forward.



Read This Before You Play a Single One of the Biotechs Fighting COVID-19

Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida have announced that they are loosening quarantine restrictions; at least 13 more states have announced plans or "roadmaps" to do more or less the same thing.

There's an urgent desire to get "back to normal" as quickly as possible because the social and economic devastation – record unemployment, more than 55,300 deaths, massive lockdowns, shrinking GDP, and of course the virus itself – of the coronavirus pandemic has been so profound.

And this has all happened in a little more than a month. People are understandably anxious to put all this behind them, myself very much included.

But the stakes of "normalcy" are higher than we're being told. The successful reemergence of people into the world will require far more than just repeated reminders to wash your hands and not touch your face.

Social distancing and limited interaction can slow the spread; there's mounting evidence in the United States and other countries that we've done precisely that. But it's far from clear how much those actions could really prevent widespread illness as lockdowns ease and stay-at-home orders are lifted.

Because it's very likely that we won't be truly "safe" until a proven treatment and effective vaccine are available.

The more we learn about this virus, the more we're aware of why its ongoing impact, and the "right" way to reopen the economy, remain so uncertain.

Here's what we do know… Full Story

Here's what we do know... Full Story


Markets Live Recap: Unemployment in Focus Today

This morning, United States weekly jobless claims came in at 4.4 million.

Just over 26 million Americans have now applied for unemployment… In the last 5 weeks.

That means the U.S. economy has wiped out all the job gains since the Great Recession.

Unemployment sits at 23% and it doesn't look like we're close to re-opening the economy any time soon.

Despite that, investors shrugged off the news, bidding up the S&P 500 about 1.7% to start the day.

But stocks turned over mid-day and closed about flat.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - saw in the financial markets today, April 23...


Markets Live Recap: Our Experts Analyze Oil Prices, Tech, and Earnings

Today was one for the history books.

The spot oil price for May futures contracts closed at negative $37.63.

Essentially, that means you could get paid $37.63 to take physical possession of a barrel of oil. (More information from Shah on this below).

This unprecedented price move is sure to have short, medium, and long-term impacts on the global economy.

Here's what our experts - Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, D.R. Barton, Jr., and Shah Gilani - thought about the historic drop in oil today. And what that means for all stocks going forward...


Markets Live Recap: Our Experts Break Down Gilead, Bitcoin, and the Fed

This was another unprecedented week for the financial markets.

We saw an additional 5.2 Americans lose their jobs and file for unemployment (bringing the total to 22 million).

To combat the sudden halt in the economy, the U.S. Federal Reserve has pumped in trillions of dollars to the economy.

Its balance sheet has risen from $4.1 trillion to $6.4 trillion in less than two months.

And now, there are talks of additional stimulus.

It's too be seen whether throwing money at every problem will solve them… Or whether we're just kicking the can further down the road.

On the positive side, there's hope that we're taking our first steps to eradicate COVID-19.

Some of the top biotech companies in the world have seen promising results in early tests to combat the disease.

Either way it plays out, our experts – Chris Johnson, Tom Gentile, and D.R. Barton, Jr. – are here to break down what they're seeing in the markets every day they're open.

And if you're able to join us live, they'll even answer your most pressing questions.

Here's what they saw today, Friday, April 17...