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These Five Signs Will Show When Stock Markets Are About to Bottom Out

Last week gave hope that stock markets had found a bottom, with a three-day rally that brought the Dow up over 20% from Monday's close through the end of Thursday's session.

However, stocks fell sharply on Friday, giving back some of the previous three days' gains from news that the U.S. has now become the country with the most confirmed coronavirus cases.

So the question remains: Are we at the bottom? And what will tell us that the market is making an investable bottom – one that will hold for more than a week or two?

Here are five clear signs our D.R. Barton's looking for to identify when the markets will bottom out...


Three Biotech Stocks Poised to Break Out

With recession indicators flashing, investors are flocking to 10-year bonds that have the annual upside of just 1.5%.

But there are still market-beating stocks out there – in fact, one of our picks expects 103% growth.

And that brings us to the biotech industry.

There are some big biotech stocks to own right now that could deliver double, even triple-digit upside in less than 12 months.

Read more here...


This Deal Could Put You Up Much More Than 149%

It was the very first stock that I recommended on the very first day we published Private Briefing nearly eight years ago…

I've re-recommended the shares to my readers several times, and when something happened that I felt everyone should know about, we made sure to get the news out in Money Morning, too.

When I first wrote about it in 2011, shares were trading at $8.60. As of Wednesday morning, the stock was sitting near all-time highs at $171 – monumental gains of nearly 1,900%.

But I'm writing today because it's been a big winner for you, too – more than 149%.

And I don't think it's done, not by a long shot…

Let me tell you about the company - and all about this latest development...


2 More Biotech Stocks Are Flashing Buy Signals Today

At the end of 2018, the Federal Reserve told the market the water was warm, come in for a swim.

The market was happy to oblige. In fact, the S&P 500 has rebounded almost 11% to start 2019, nearly erasing all of the losses from December.

It's as if the sell-off never happened.

Right now, the market is an absolute dream for stock pickers. And biotech stocks in particular are looking incredibly lucrative...

Trading Strategies

How to Trade a Market at Record Levels (and the One Company Poised to Play "Catch Up")

Killer profits are the backbone of investing.

Creating them feels good and can have a powerful impact on your life.

Surprisingly, this isn't difficult.

Contrary to what most investors believe, you don't have to have a hot tip or access to Wall Street's mahogany-lined halls, either.

Big profits are about getting your money working with one objective in mind...