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The Saudi Aramco Handbook: Everything You Need to Know About the World's Largest IPO

We've been talking about Saudi Arabia's plan to roll out the single-largest IPO in history for some time now.

Right off the bat, I can tell you that the Saudi IPO is going to create an onslaught of profit plays for years to come after the actual listing.

Think about it.

$2 trillion could soon be hitting the global energy markets. This could be the biggest wave of capital to hit at one time in history.

Earth-shaking events like these are the reason why more millionaires and billionaires are created overnight in the energy markets than in any other sector.

That's also why I want to take a few minutes today to tell you everything you need to know about Saudi Aramco, including how much it's really worth, where it will be listed, and how you can profit from it.

And we'll start with how Saudi Aramco came to be the biggest oil company in the world...

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Now That You Know Volatility, Here's How to Play It

Volatility comes in all shapes and sizes. It affects every stock, every market, and every asset class, everywhere around the world.

It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Either way, as Sun Tzu said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

But whether or not volatility is your enemy today, tomorrow, or next week, you have to know how to manage volatility in your trading.

Here's why you have to embrace volatility, how to see it coming, and how to trade it...

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What You Don't Know About Volatility Can Hurt You

The wild swings we see in the stock market aren't the result of volatility.

Volatility results from the wild swings, not the other way around.

One thing investors don't understand is that the VIX (the CBOE Volatility Index, sometimes called the market's "fear gauge") isn't predictive. It isn't a leading indicator; it isn't telling us what the future holds. It's misleading.

If you didn't know that, chances are you may not understand what's really causing wild market swings.

Here's your quick fix on the VIX and how to avoid falling into the fear gauge's trap...

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How to Know a "Must-Have" Investment Opportunity When You See It

We talk a lot about why you want to invest in companies making "must-have" products and services for one simple reason…

They're the ones that are going to help you achieve the biggest, most consistent profits and create the kind of wealth that allows you to live the life of your dreams.

Most investors have no idea how to tell the difference between valuable, "must-have" companies and far riskier, far less valuable, "nice-to-have" alternatives.

The distinction is critically important in 2018, which is why we're going to spend a few minutes today talking about what to look for, how you'll know when you find a "must-have" investment opportunity and, of course, a few specific recommendations I think you're going to like as much as I do.

Here's what you need to know...


Play Bitcoin Better Than the Crowd When You Know the Truth

There's so much written about Bitcoin, from so many angles, it's hard to know what it really is.

What is it good for? What is it worth? Where is it going?

It's obvious there are huge moneymaking opportunities in Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency's unprecedented development has already minted a few billionaires and many millionaires in its short life.

You can be sure, however, those winners didn't get to where they are without knowing Bitcoin basics.

If you want a shot at Bitcoin riches, you have to know the truth about this cryptocurrency, so you can make this moment in history a profitable one.

Here's the truth about Bitcoin and how to play it...

The Fed

Here's How I Know the Fed Is Lying Through Its Teeth About Inflation

Confusion about inflation abounds in mainstream media reporting. That confusion is a result of the fact that mainstream economists and the Fed solely focus on narrowly defined, arbitrarily constructed measures of the prices of consumer goods only. If you only look in places where there's little inflation, or use indexes that are not standardized to measure the same goods over time, you end up ignoring the things that are inflating and understating the inflation that does exist in consumer prices.

The Fed is largely to blame for the confusion. It has targeted a 2% inflation rate. But it uses a benchmark, the core PCE, that is the most understated of inflation measures. It ignores actual housing prices and only includes personal consumption goods. To make matters worse, when an index component is rising faster than cheaper substitutes, the index formula reduces the weighting of the goods that are rising fastest.

The thing is, the Fed is perfectly aware that it's underreporting inflation.

I've uncovered a smoking gun – well, anyway, a chart that proves it knows the real numbers.

The question is – why the cover-up?

I've got my own theories on that and, naturally, a plan of action for you and your money...

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The Dirty Shopping Season Secret "They" Don't Want You to Know About

I don't want to get into one of my "commercialization of Christmas" rants, but my biggest issue with the whole Christmas shopping season is that Americans fall for this blatant scam every single year.

Now, I'm not here to fight the culture wars, but I do have an agenda: to tell you the truth – and point you toward "unreasonably" good profits.

With that said…

They already screwed up Christmas, and now they've screwed up my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, with this destructive Black Friday con.

In fact, if I were ever CEO of a retailer, I'd gather all the executives during our first meeting and ask them, "What's your Black Friday strategy for next Thanksgiving?"

Anyone who had plans would be fired.

Hear me out...

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Before You Sit Down to Watch Kickoff, Here's One Football Lesson You Need to Know

One of the most frequent questions I get about The 10-Minute Millionaire system is, "What makes this work?"

And I always start with one of the most overlooked aspects of financial markets.

Despite all of the automation in the process, that stock market is still just a big, old-fashioned auction.

A sophisticated multitrillion-dollar auction, but an auction nonetheless.

And anytime human beings are involved, emotions will arise.

And those emotional reactions give rise to the cornerstone of our strategy – extremes.

The fact that market participants get emotional shouldn't come as any surprise.  We see emotional reactions pop up in lots of places – even in our hobbies.

Take football, for example.

This week marks the start of the professional football season.

And while there are plenty of tried and true emotional fans out there, emotions show up in a big way this time of year in a related, but very different, place...

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What You Know About the VIX Is Wrong - Here's How to Trade It

Most people who know anything about the stock market probably know a few things about the VIX. (I was one of the traders on the floor of the CBOE who came up with the VIX, so I probably know a bit more than most!)

Investors know "the VIX" is a volatility index and that it is often called "the fear index." They know that when the VIX is rising especially quickly, there's a chance there's going to be trouble ahead and markets might be in danger of selling off… or possibly crashing.

But that's like looking at the tip of an iceberg and saying that's all you need to know about what's underneath the surface. That would be a huge mistake. Just ask the captain of the Titanic.

I'm sharing, without the heavy math, a clear look-through to the depths of the VIX as opposed to what you think you see on the surface.

Here's what you need to know about what really floats the VIX and how to trade it for huge gains...