Five Marijuana Penny Stocks You Need to Watch Right Now - One Could Gain 360%

According to Bloomberg, marijuana stocks have outperformed gold, Bitcoin, and the broader market as a whole during 2018.

As marijuana stock evaluations continue to soar, we're using marijuana penny stocks to get you on the ground floor of the cannabis revolution.

You see, marijuana penny stocks allow us to chase triple-digit returns often generated by marijuana stocks with very little up-front investment.

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2 Ways to Avoid Marijuana Penny Stock Scams in October 2018

Legal cannabis is hitting the investing community like a storm, but that means investors need to be extra vigilant about marijuana penny stock scams.

The benefits are clear: Pot penny stocks have the potential to rocket higher in a matter of days, and they cost less than $5.00 a share to enter.

And it's also why we're going to show you how to keep your money safe and avoid penny stock scams with our two helpful tips...


The 3 Top Marijuana Penny Stocks to Watch September 2018

With the legal cannabis "gold rush," underway, investors are looking for the top marijuana penny stocks to watch September 2018.

You see, North American legal marijuana sales topped $10 billion in 2017, and those figures are expected to jump another 145% by 2021.

Of course, there are risks involved with pot penny stocks, so you should limit your investments to those with the kind of strong financial backing that can generate real returns.