3M Company

You Know Sector is Performing Better than the Magnificent Seven?

Materials… if you can believe that. I know, it seems unlikely, but companies like 3M (MMM), DuPont (DD), and Martin Marietta Materials (MLM) are leading the market higher with performances that, in some cases, are doubling that of the large-cap technology sector. Martin Marietta shares are up almost 30% year-to-date, without a mention from the […]

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3 DRIP Stocks with 4% Yields

If dividend stocks provide investors with predictable income, then DRIP stocks offer significant long-term growth potential.

As a result, DRIP stocks allow you to own more shares of the company or fund over time, making them an excellent way to consistently grow your wealth by compounding your returns.


Economic Data

Ignore the Fake "Manufacturing Recession" Narrative - and Buy These Two Stocks to Profit

Some major media outlets are trying to plant in your head that a "manufacturing recession" in the United States will sink the economy and the stock market.

A New York Times headline from this summer pushed the idea that a manufacturing recession will infect the economy: "U.S. Manufacturing Slowed in August in Latest Sign of Economic Weakness."

The Los Angeles Times got on board shortly after, in October: "Manufacturing Is Now Officially in Recession, Despite Trump's Vow to Boost Economy."

CBS then upped the fearmongering, confirming the manufacturing recession as a fact and making it sound viral: "U.S. Manufacturing Is in a Recession. What Does That Mean for the Rest of the Country?"

The problem is that it's all fake news. It's another narrative created by the media to scare you. Believing it can distract you from what's really going on – and stop you from making money.

That's why I'm going to show you the real story – and give you two stocks to buy to keep you away from the "noise" and hand you profits in 2020… Full Story

That's why I'm going to show you the real story - and give you two stocks to buy to keep you away from the "noise" and hand you profits in 2020... Full Story

dow jones industrial average

Dow Jones Today Pushes Higher After Alphabet Inc. Shatters Earnings Expectations

The Dow Jones today jumped over 100 points in premarket hours after Google parent company Alphabet Inc. significantly beat earnings expectations.

The firm reported EPS of $11.75 per share, Wall Street analysts had expected the firm to report earnings of $9.59 per share.

Quarterly revenue jumped by 25 percent from the same period last year, thanks largely to a big jump in pay-per-click advertising.

Trading Strategies

The Past Four Months Prove It: Passive Indexing Is Pure Portfolio Poison

Index investing was sold, hard, to investors – to the tune of $58 billion a month – as a safe, hassle-free way to ride stocks all the way to the moon.

Led by the High Priest of Indexing, John Bogle, and endorsed by Warren Buffett and other legendary investors, indexing was supposed to be the answer to all our investing goals.

"Buy a low-cost index, sit back, and let the magic happen."

But trade wars… U.S. President Donald Trump's vendetta against Amazon… North Korea… Iran… Italy… rising interest rates… and more have all helped propel huge swings, and I suspect 2% daily swings were not what most new index investors were looking for when they made their initial investment.

It's not just volatile periods that present problems for index investors, either. It's a bad idea all the time - and here's why...