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Why I Wasn't Surprised by Wells Fargo's Scam

By now we all know that Wells Fargo & Co., one of America's premier banking giants, got slapped with $185 million in fines to settle charges of widespread fraud.

Or was it a screw-up? Maybe management, compliance officers, risk monitors, and auditors simply failed to catch thousands of employees who happened to be engaged in a massive and likely criminal enterprise going back five years.

In fact, this was encouraged, by pervasive "trickle-down" bankster culture that puts a premium on profit above, well, everything else. Wells Fargo just managed to get caught at it. 

The truth of this isn't pretty...


Why the Apple Stock Price Is Rising Now

The Apple stock price is rising because investors realized this week that the analysts were wrong about the iPhone 7.

For months they predicted that the iPhone 7 would be a boring upgrade that would fail to revive sales. But as is often the case, Wall Street drastically underestimated the potential of the iPhone 7 and its impact on AAPL stock.

Here's the news that proved the analysts were clueless - and why they're still underestimating its impact...