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Apple Stock News: Another List, Another No. 1 Ranking

Apple Stock News: Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) is No. 1 again — this time on Barron's annual ranking of the World's Most Respected Companies.

But the Barron's survey is just the latest feather in Apple's corporate cap. In just the past 12 months, AAPL has topped several such lists.

Here's what the world thinks of Apple, and what that means for AAPL stock…

Here's what the world thinks of Apple, and what that means for AAPL stock...

Why Facebook's (Nasdaq: FB) News Feed Tinkering Scandal Will Blow Over

Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) stock has been logging impressive gains, and the company's strategic acquisitions continue to bolster investor confidence.

But a recent study in which Facebook tweaked the content mix in the news feeds of almost 690,000 users for one week in early 2012 could erode users' trust – and raises concerns about privacy all over again.

Here's why some believe the study, and Facebook, crossed a line – and what this development means for FB stock…

Here's why some believe the study, and Facebook, crossed a line - and what this development means for FB stock...

IPO Calendar 2014: AMBX Leads Healthcare-Heavy Week

IPO Calendar 2014 update: This year, 212 companies have already held IPOs, and the healthcare industry has seen more companies go public than any sector.

Through Monday, 51 healthcare companies have made initial public offerings, accounting for 24% of the total U.S. IPO market.

Healthcare stocks are once again at the forefront of the IPO calendar this week as five of this week's seven IPOs are healthcare companies.

Here's a look at each company hitting the market this week, and the story behind each deal...

BNP Paribas Fine Breaks a Record

France's largest bank, BNP Paribas, will pay a fine of $8.8 billion for breaching U.S. sanctions on Iran and Sudan, making it the largest penalty in history for such a violation.

The BNP Paribas fine will settle a criminal investigation probe launched by the U.S. Treasury Department, the Department of Justice, the Manhattan District Attorney's Office and the New York Department of Financial Services.

Here's why the punishment is bigger than any before...

Congress, BNP Paribas, and IRS Give Us New Standards for Outrageousness

Last Thursday, you were all shocked (not) to consider the possibility that members of Congress might be making money by dishing out dirt on legislation they're brewing up, this time to traders who profited from leaky pipes in the Senate or House.

I'm going to tell you what the feds and the courts are trying to do here. I expect a full-on, separation-of-powers battle royale.

Read all the ugly details, in addition to scandals with the IRS and BNP Paribas, here…

Dividend-Paying Stocks: The Newest Increases, Initiations, and Special Dividends

Earlier this month, JP Morgan recommended yield seekers swap a sizable chunk of junk bond holdings for dividend-paying stocks. The investment bank explained the elevated chance of default from junk bonds simply isn't worth the risk for today's nominal returns.

For long-term investors, top dividend-paying stocks, and dividend growers in particular, are indeed a much better bet.

Here are the 21 dividend stocks raising payouts or announcing special dividends for the week ending June 27, 2014.

What the Hobby Lobby Ruling Means for Obamacare

A Supreme Court Obamacare ruling in the hotly contentious Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case was just issued this morning (Monday).

In a 5-4 ruling, the High Court decided that closely held, for-profit corporations can choose to opt out of the Obamacare provisions that require employers to provide no-cost contraceptive prescriptions to employees.

Here’s what the Hobby Lobby Obamacare decision means for U.S. healthcare – and your wallet…

What Lifting U.S. Export Ban Means for Crude Oil Prices

In August, the U.S. government will begin allowing the exportation of crude oil for the first time in 40 years.

That has many American consumers wondering what will happen to crude oil prices now that the United States is exporting oil.

Money Morning's Global Energy Strategist Dr. Kent Moors appeared on CCTV Friday and discussed the benefits of U.S. oil exportation, and what effect oil exports will have on consumers and oil prices.

See what impact U.S. oil exports could have on jobs, revenue, and local taxes.

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