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The 3 Best Marijuana Penny Stocks to Buy in 2019 - One Could Pop 500%

The list of the best marijuana penny stocks to buy in 2019 becomes more and more attractive every single day. You see, the wave of cannabis legalization seems unstoppable.

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen full legalization in Canada as well as sweeping legislation in several more U.S. states. The hope is that this will also pave the way for the United States to follow the example of its neighbors to the north.

Make no mistake, these are massive catalysts for marijuana penny stocks…

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Opens Lower As Earnings Reports Keep Rolling In

The Dow Jones Industrial Average will try to hold above the 25,000 level after a 434-point surge Wednesday.

This morning, Dow Futures projected a small decline as investors weigh earnings reports and a breaking development that U.S. and Chinese officials are negotiating a meeting for later this month between President Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Here are the numbers from Wednesday for the Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq...

CBS Rejected a Marijuana Super Bowl Ad, but One Company Will Still Be in the Stadium

Super Bowl ads are often the most interesting – and controversial – parts of the big day. And this year is now exception.

Despite the wave of cannabis legalization sweeping the country state by state, CBS decided it was too controversial to allow a marijuana Super Bowl ad.

But despite CBS's best efforts, another cannabis ad will be seen in Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday night...

The 3 Most Undervalued Stocks to Buy in February

The markets have largely recovered from the December 2018 downturn. Year to date, the S&P 500 is up more than 5% in just one month.

However, ongoing geopolitical concerns about weakness in China have weighed on many solid companies with strong upside. Big-name financial and technology stocks are well off their 52-week high.

The question is how to determine whether these stocks are "cheap" right now. Thanks to our proprietary system, we've got the answer, plus, three of the most undervalued stocks to buy in February...

The 3 Best Penny Stocks to Buy Today - One Could Pop 233%

We're bringing you the best penny stocks to buy today so you can jump-start your portfolio in 2019.

Penny stocks are stocks that trade below or near $5 per share. Even small price movements of $1 or $2 can correlate to gains of 20% to 40% of your initial investment. As a result, buying a stake of the top penny stocks doesn't set you back as much as purchasing a high-priced stock.

And we've used our proprietary stock rating system to bring you only the best penny stocks to buy...