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The 4 Best Tech Stocks in 2021 Are Pioneers of the New Economy

The economy was hit hard by a global pandemic in 2020, but the tech sector didn't just survive, it's now more essential than ever.

And it's making folks a lot of money.

Small businesses have opened digital storefronts with Shopify (NYSE: SHOP), meetings are conducted on Zoom (NASDAQ: ZM) and remote health has become necessary with companies like Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC) leading the charge.

These companies are up 165%, 640% and 175% just this year.

This is all in the face of a 35% drop in the market earlier this year and an economic recession.

But this is just the start for some of the best tech stocks on the market and 2021 could be a breakout year.


Take a Profitable “Strategic Break” from Trading with These Three Plays

Right now, the most popular trade is betting on uncertainty due to the upcoming election, surging COVID-19 cases worldwide, and the stimulus standoff.

While we’re well-hedged and prepared for what’s coming, not running with the crowd will hand us the real profits.

So instead of getting in late on the volatility trade, Chris will show you how to make these low-risk, but extremely profitable moves today… .


The Best Utility Stock to Buy Now

Over the last 30 days, one sector had its best month of the year.

And no, it wasn't tech… This sector outperformed the S&P 500 by 6% and is worth paying attention to now.

This could be the start of a trend that lasts the rest of the year and possibly into 2021.

Investing in this sector isn't necessarily a long-term buy and hold, as much as it is a trade for the next three to six months.

We're talking about the utilities sector.

Here's our best utility stock to buy now...

The Real Supreme Court Bombshell Could Ignite One Sector

It's all over the news today: Senate Republicans unanimously voted to advance Amy Coney Barrett's nomination for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court to the full Senate.

Meanwhile, a court matter of huge importance to investors isn't front-page news, but most definitely should be: The Supreme Court may very well have the $9 trillion tech sector – particularly the FAANGs – in its sights.

Of course, the Supreme Court hears and rules on cases of national and even global importance sometimes. But it's not every day a case like Malwarebytes Inc. v. Enigma Software Group USA LLC comes up. This case concerns massive issues of technology, money, freedom of speech, and everything that stems from that – including the elections – all rolled into one.

There's a lot at stake here, and I'm going to walk you through what's going on because, as I said, this is a $9 trillion issue impacting some of the richest, best-performing stocks in the market. Vast fortunes, including countless retirement accounts, are in play.

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks… or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel… Full Story

Which way the court decides to go here is going to impact the stock market like a ton of bricks... or, on the other hand, a tank of jet fuel...

The 5 Best 5G Stocks to Buy for 2021

Now that Apple's iPhone 12 has arrived, the march to 5G will accelerate.

And that means it's time to figure out the best 5G stocks to buy for 2021.

We already know that trillions of dollars will be spent on 5G upgrades over the coming years.

Investors just need to put their money into the companies that stand to benefit the most from this spending.

And we've come up with the top five...

Best High-Dividend Stocks to Buy Now

Fears of a renewed spread of the coronavirus and the lack of progress on a second stimulus package have kept a lid on stocks.

Value investors are finding few deals worth pursuing while growth investors see no momentum higher.

But the best high dividend stocks offer a bit of both worlds thanks to their steady income streams and chronic underpricing.

We're specifically targeting a special class of dividend stocks too.

These aren't just stocks with high yields, their business models are designed to pay shareholders.


Dow Jones Today Falling on Election Interference Developments

The Dow Jones today is struggling after news broke that Iran is attempting to interfere in the U.S.

presidential election.

This was accompanied by news that Russia had obtained Americans' voter information.

John Radcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, said that Iran has been sending spoof emails aimed at inciting political unrest and intimidating voters.

Here's the latest update on stimulus, earnings reports, and everything else moving the Dow Jones Industrial Average…