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Our Top Dividend Stock Won't Trade for Under $30 for Long

Markets have roared since the Federal Reserve initiated three rate cuts in a row in the final months of 2019.

Great for growth investors, not so much for savers.

And it looks like the Fed might want to keep interest rates lower for longer.

In times like these, many investors look to the top dividend stocks for safety.

Today, we break down the biggest dividend news.

We'll also discuss a new dividend stock on our radar that is now a screaming "Buy."


Dow Jones Today

How New Trade Drama Will Keep the Dow Jones Industrial Average Flat Today

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has the opportunity to soar on another round of solid earnings reports, but new trade tensions with the European Union may hold it back.

President Donald Trump has vowed to reciprocate against EU tariffs hurting U.S. firms like Harley Davidson (NYSE: HOG).

This comes as yet another threat of a trade war with the world's largest economic bloc.

Trading Strategies

How to Play Harley's Worst Nightmare for Big Profits (Again)

Our nation loves an underdog.

It's in our collective DNA because it makes us feel good.

Social scientists have a few theories as to why, and they range from schadenfreude (the pleasure we experience when others experience misfortune), to a sense of fairness, to the sense of hope that emerges from unexpected success.

I think it comes down to people believing that there's a lot more to gain if there's an upset.

It doesn't matter whether we're talking about sports or money; people consistently play to their emotions.

Take Harley-Davidson Inc., for example.

The legendary American motorcycle maker is in deep trouble...

Trading Strategies

How to Profit from a Falling American Icon

The most dependable and consistent way to generate huge profits is to latch on to the world's best companies when they're "going up."

And if they're not?

You do the exact same thing… in reverse.

I know what you're thinking – that can't be possible.

Well, it is.

What's more, you're missing out on half the market's financial potential if you're not profiting from stocks moving in both directions – up AND down.

Let me explain.

The world's best companies – those we profile all the time – have the world's best profit potential. Over time, that translates from higher revenues to higher profits and, in turn, to higher share prices.

Buy "right" and you'll laugh all the way to the bank.

But there's a hard truth to this as well...


Why Tariffs Meant to Protect American Companies Are Backfiring

When the White House introduced its first wave of tariff policies in January, American manufacturers like Whirlpool Corp. expected these competitive trade policies to put them ahead of the game.

Following the White House's statement, Whirlpool announced it was hiring 200 full-time workers in Ohio in anticipation of increased product demand.

However, it looks like Whirlpool spoke too soon, burning both its bottom line - and its shareholders...


The Trade War Is Paving the Way for This Steel Stock to Gain over 300% 

When the White House announced it would impose a 10% tariff on all steel imports from China earlier this year, Wall Street feared that it would hurt the manufacturing sector's bottom line.

With quarter two earnings rolling out, it looks like Wall Street's worst fears are coming true.

Some of the nation's largest industrial companies have tightened their belts in the face of rising material costs, punishing their bottom lines - and their shareholders.

dow jones industrial average

Dow Jones Today Pushes Higher After Alphabet Inc. Shatters Earnings Expectations

The Dow Jones today jumped over 100 points in premarket hours after Google parent company Alphabet Inc. significantly beat earnings expectations.

The firm reported EPS of $11.75 per share, Wall Street analysts had expected the firm to report earnings of $9.59 per share.

Quarterly revenue jumped by 25 percent from the same period last year, thanks largely to a big jump in pay-per-click advertising.