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Our 5 Top Renewable Energy Stocks Will Help You Cash In on the $10 Trillion Industry

By 2050, clean energy investments will total $10 trillion. And one of our top renewable energy stocks to watch has gained 64% over the last six months. But, that's just the beginning. This industry still has much further to grow. It's a bull market in the making. That's why I want to share our five […]


Trading Strategies

How to Beat the "Short-Termism" Running Wild in the Markets Now

I got an interesting question earlier this week while in Las Vegas, where I was speaking at the MoneyShow…

"What works best right now?"

Usually that's a question related to which specific stocks, bonds, ETFs, or other funds you want to buy.

But in this case, the person asking wanted to know what kinds of investment tactics work best given current market conditions and how you adjust to all the volatility gumming up the works.

That's a savvy question – and a critically important one, I'd add, especially right now.

Asking which stocks are "best" is only half the battle when it comes to big profits. To really hit the home runs you and I both know are out there, you've got to know which methods work best and when to use 'em.

Right now, for example, the markets are completely dominated by tweet-driven trading. This favors day traders and the institutional big boys because it caters to the short-term trading methods and tactics they use.

But that doesn't mean you're out of luck as an investor, though. Far from it. You just have to change up your approach a bit.

Let me show you how...


The Biggest Trend in Energy Just Claimed Another Victory - It's Not Too Late to Get In

One of the biggest power companies on the planet is immediately shutting down the production of its coal-fired power plants and will phase out existing coal plants by 2030.

It will now develop electric power plants using renewable energy.

And it's a trend we don't see slowing down anytime soon - and one that can be massively profitable for you...


The 3 Best Cryptocurrency Stocks to Buy in 2018

Over the last month, major cryptocurrencies have rallied an average of 15% thanks to resurging investor enthusiasm.

In order to get in on the profits, we're bringing you the best cryptocurrency stocks to buy in 2018.

In fact, we've found a way to reap the profits of cryptocurrency investing without buying a single digital currency.

You see, cryptocurrency "mining" has programmers scrambling to set up servers that can "mine" Bitcoin. However, the process is anything but cheap...


5 Energy Stocks That Pay You to Invest in Crypto Mining

You can't easily invest directly in crypto mining, but several energy stocks offer a convenient backdoor to this growing industry.

Crypto mining, particularly Bitcoin, consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. Today Bitcoin mining uses as much electricity as the entire nation of Hungary.

And as China grows more hostile to crypto mining, the big operators are moving to other areas that offer cheap and abundant electricity.

These five energy stocks are the first in line to benefit from this transition...


The Best Alternative Energy Stocks to Buy in 2017

Renewable energy is the fastest-growing energy sector in the world, which means investors are looking for the best alternative energy stocks to buy in 2017.

To help investors research alternative energy stocks, we're giving you a list of the best-performing clean energy stocks this year based on share-price growth.

But this is our best alternative energy stock to buy right now...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Dips After Weak Fourth-Quarter GDP Report

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today was dipping this morning after a weak fourth-quarter GDP report rattled investor sentiment.

Markets were on the rise as the post-election rally continued this week. The markets experienced their best two-day performance in roughly seven weeks.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar.