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The Best EV Stock to Buy Today Costs Less Than $50

Don't go selling your TSLA stock just yet… but don't expect it to put 1,500% profits in your account, either.

Tesla's most explosive growth is behind it for now, but Andrew Keene thinks he's found the next Tesla out there.

It costs $45 a share compared with more than $650…



Starlink Stock Could Be Like Buying Tesla at $40

The chance to make 700% gains on a stock doesn’t come around everyday.

And when it does come around, you have to act.

That could very well be what we’re seeing with Starlink stock, a potential space IPO from Elon Musk.

You see, Tesla shares are up a whopping 700% this this year alone, so Musk knows a thing or two about making shareholders money on big tech breakthroughs.




3 Stocks to Avoid on Robinhood Now

Robinhood has become all the rage for traders since the pandemic began swept the globe this year.

Confined to home with no sports to bet on and no open casinos, younger bettors turned to Robinhood and the stock market to get their action fix.

They were quickly joined by millions of others who saw how much money you can make trading stocks and got in on the action.

We're all for people taking their finances into their own hands, and we're here to help people make the best decisions with their money.

But with all the beginner money flowing into Robinhood, we also want to help you avoid some common pitfalls.



America's Coal Country Is Embracing the Power - and Profit Potential - of Solar

When he passed away last September at the age of 91, T. Boone Pickens generated dozens of media biographies. Nearly all of them missed a key detail about his last years…

Of course, a billionaire with his reputation as a savvy business leader would no doubt get lots of obituaries written about him. And most focused on his very successful career as an oil and gas baron.

It's easy to see why. After all, in 2007 alone, he is reported to have earned more than $2.7 billion from his two energy-investing funds.

So, it may sound surprising for me to suggest that those obituaries were inaccurate…

Here's the thing – at least two years before his death, Pickens went through a sea change and closed his energy funds. He became a massive backer of solar technology.

Now, I spoke to you recently about all the opportunity that I'm seeing heading our way, thanks to the solar revolution. No doubt, a smart businessman like T. Boone Pickens also realized the sheer scope of this technological transformation. It all comes down to basic science.

Boone (as he was known) saw what many people are beginning to see: Renewables are the next generation in energy production.

His move into solar is a major signal of the profit potential we can unlock from this sector.

This same sentiment has reached another key audience – one that will supercharge solar's growth.

You see, deep in the heart of American coal country, experts are putting their faith in sunlight… Full Story

You see, deep in the heart of American coal country, experts are putting their faith in sunlight... Full Story


You Can Invest in the Future of Every Car on the Road

There are three companies leading the future of the automotive industry, and each one has a different way that it is going to crush the competition.

They are scaling up production and making big innovative leaps that keep surprising investors with more good news.

If you are looking for the next big technological revolution, then you need to read this...


Turn the Trade War into an Opportunity with This Tech Stock

The silver lining in the trade-war kerfuffle on Wall Street is that it creates bargains galore.

And we've got our eyes on one stock that could lead the charge when stocks come roaring back.

This tech titan is tapped into just about every growth trend we can think of, and shares could pop as much as 60% this year.

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[CHART] Tesla Can't Beat This Company in the Race for Electric Car Supremacy

Tesla Inc. showed the world an electric car could be both luxurious and powerful. Investors immediately understood its ability to transform the new car market.

Since its blockbuster IPO in 2010, Tesla's share price exploded 1,400% higher.

Investors think Elon Musk's car company could be the dominant carmaker of the future, but an overlooked company could be beating Tesla at its own game...