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The Top Cell Tower REITs to Buy Now Yield Up to 7%

5G is coming, and it's coming fast.

It's almost impossible to open any financial website, newspaper, or magazine without coming across yet another story about 5G.

It's being called the fourth industrial revolution and is expected to change our lives in a significant fashion.

We will be able to use lightning-fast data to transform the way we do business and the way we live out daily lives.

And the best way to get a slice of this is through cell tower REITs.

These companies are specifically structured to pass income directly to their shareholders, which gives you reliable income thanks to 5G.



One of the Best 5G Stocks to Invest in Could Unleash $43 Billion to Shareholders

Life has changed significantly in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and the need to adapt has created a new normal.

From working at home through Zoom meetings to video conferences with your doctor, accessing a reliable technological infrastructure with high speeds to keep everyone connected is more important than ever.

This is why T-Mobile's (NASDAQ: TMUS) latest 5G announcement is so exciting...


A New Innovative 5G Network Could Launch by Year’s End, Driving This Company Up 100% or More

On April 1, T-Mobile US Inc. closed its acquisition of Sprint, and with that, the whole wireless landscape in the United States changed.

This merger will make 5G more accessible to millions of people at a time when video conferencing, streaming, and Internet usage is skyrocketing.

And it did this with one simple move – access to spectrum.

Without getting too technical and just giving you the most important details, there are three different kinds of spectrum: low-band, mid-band, and millimeter wave (mmWave).

Every carrier uses a different combination to provide wireless signals to their customers, and each type of spectrum offers different tradeoffs, which range from faster speeds to better coverage.

In this case, T-Mobile had mostly slow low-bands with better coverage and only a limited presence in the fast mmWave spectrum.

Combined with T-Mobile, Sprint was able to fill the gaps with its own mid-band and mmWave spectrum coverage, creating better 5G capabilities for everyone on its network.

But that's just part of the story.

This merger is creating a potential profit opportunity in 5G that'd you only know about by diving into the details about the merger… Full Story

This merger is creating a potential profit opportunity in 5G that'd you only know about by diving into the details about the merger... Full Story


This Blue-Chip 5G Stock Just Doubled Its Expansion Plan

If you're anything like me, you've heard just about everything there is to know about 5G by now.

Don't get me wrong; the 5G story is huge.

Probably the most significant technological innovation to come to America – and the world – in our lifetimes thus far.

The breakthroughs it could bring and sectors it could revolutionize have been covered for years by my colleague, Money Morning Defense + Tech Specialist Michael Robinson.

But, while 2019 was certainly an exciting year for wireless technology, after an announcement made by one of 5G's biggest players two weeks ago, I am even more excited for the future of this technology – and you should be, too.



These 3 High-Yield REITs Pay 8%, 10%, and 12% Dividends

The ongoing spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus has investors flocking to safety.

Gold prices hit a seven-year high Thursday, while U.S. Treasury yields plunged yet again.

The 10-year bond hovered at 1.53% – a pittance for investors who are looking out on a decade horizon.

The option of gold – which doesn't pay a yield – also isn't the most attractive option for anyone seeking income.

And things are only going to get more challenging for income-seeking investors in the months ahead...