Uber Technologies Inc


How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks

Many investors are missing the boat.

They're settling for overhyped IPOs, when they could make money investing in pre-IPO stocks that lasts for generations.

Stocks with a lot of hype behind them, like Snap Inc. (NYSE: SNAP) or Uber Technologies Inc. (NYSE: UBER), are also being pursued by institutional investors and large hedge funds.

Often, those big fish have the opportunity to buy before retail investors can even get in.

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Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Flies Out of the Gate on Trade with China

The Dow Jones Industrial Average could gain more than 100 points today as investors continue to cheer trade developments between the United States and China.

Over the weekend, U.S. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross announced that the government would grant licenses for U.S. companies to sell to Chinese telecom firm Huawei in the near future.

But that's not the only thing moving the Dow today...


Here's Where IPOs Are Still Crushing the Market by 40%

The mainstream financial media is having a bearish moment when it comes to initial public offerings. In story after feature story, you're bombarded with the idea that anyone who's excited about a big-name IPO is just setting themselves up for disappointment.

On paper, that narrative makes sense. WeWork's attempt at a $47 billion debut was farcical; its valuation plummeted to $14 billion before the offering was abandoned… and the CEO fell on his sword.

Then there's Peloton. Shares dropped 11.2% in its first day of trading on Sept. 26 – a decline that, according to The Wall Street Journal, directly influenced the decision of Endeavor Group talent firm to put off its own IPO. Insiders were obviously terrified of "poor market conditions."

But these were simply two bad IPOs, two expensive failures that had Wall Street wringing its hands.

The truth is tech and life sciences firms are still IPO leaders; that segment of the market is actually doing much better than stocks overall.

And if you snatch up the shares I'm about to recommend, you'll be ahead, too...