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Three Famous Cannabis Stocks to Sell (and Two to Buy)’s big pro-cannabis announcement sparked a double-digit rally in three specific, highly popular cannabis stocks.

There’s a problem, though: those stocks are doomed to underperform in the long run.

We’ll talk about why in a second, but sell those three, and add two under-the-radar cannabis plays to your holdings… .


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The Three “Sparks” That Will Make This Tiny Sector the Top Wealth Play for 2021

Cannabis is the single most promising sector of the “new” economy, where revenue’s growing so fast that some leading firms are doubling their sales every 23 months.

Investors who recognize this now and act immediately will position themselves as a new class of millionaires over the next year and years to come.

Here are two stock picks to get you started….


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The Two Stocks to Buy amid Market-Media Tensions

Many stocks, with a few exceptions, moved up last week. Clearly, investors are seeing some cause for optimism out there, pushing the Dow back over 25,000.

But you couldn't tell that from the news. I'm looking at a CNN headline chyron right now, for instance, that reads: "COVID-19 cases are rising in 18 states." The business section leads with "Markets are pushing higher as lockdowns ease. But huge risks remain."

However, in that same business section, decent gains are being reported, too.

So there's clearly a "Reality Gap" between those negative headlines and the prevailing, generally positive mindset and upward moves in the markets.

In that gap, there's plenty of room for making money… Full Story

In that gap, there's plenty of room for making money... Full Story

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Is Aurora Cannabis Still a Marijuana Stock Worth Owning?

Cannabis exploded onto the mainstream investment scene in 2016 and for more than two years it produced huge wealth for early adopters.

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) stock soared 343% in 2017 alone.

But late in 2018, the wheels seemingly fell off the cart and marijuana stocks fell back down to earth.

Despite Aurora's popularity, there are plenty of other marijuana stocks on the market, so investors can afford to be picky right now.

Here's what you need to know...

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The Upcoming Massive Wave of M&A Activity Means This Stock Is a Buy

This year we're expecting a massive amount of merger and acquisition activity across the board.

All growing industries will deliver a lot of deal-making, with companies either making acquisitions to follow through on growth plans, or being bought by a bigger player.

Strategic acquisitions this year will also address the fact that investors want results now. When acquisitions close, that puts revenue on the balance sheets that companies previously did not have.

Cannabis is no exception.

Just take a look at Gaby Inc., a California-based consumer packaged goods company that takes a unique approach to cannabis and hemp-infused products.

Thanks to several key acquisitions, it grew revenue by a whopping 2,000% in a year, from 289,092 Canadian dollars for the month ended Sept. 30, 2018, to CA$6.2 million for the month ended Sept. 30, 2019.

Now it's time to spot the "next Gaby"…

So, today, we're going to walk you through our 2020 M&A predictions and hand you a top pick to help you take advantage of this year's lucrative cannabis M&A frenzy… Full Story

So, today, we're going to walk you through our 2020 M&A predictions and hand you a top pick to help you take advantage of this year's lucrative cannabis M&A frenzy...

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How to Start Investing in Cannabis Stocks

Thanks to growing legalization across North America and recent discoveries of cannabis’ medicinal properties, cannabis stocks are gaining a lot of traction.

But while cannabis stocks have immense potential, it can be hard to know how to start investing in cannabis for beginners.

This is especially true once you consider that there are hundreds of cannabis companies trading publicly on a variety of exchanges all over the world.

That’s what Money Morning is here for.

To help you start, we’ve brought you three of the best cannabis stocks for beginners.


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This Is Still One of the Best Cannabis Stocks to Invest In

A new report alleging Aurora Cannabis Inc. (NYSE: ACB) has been "dumping" its cannabis inventory is getting a lot of hype.

It's also raising questions about whether this is still one of the best cannabis stocks to invest in.

But that's all it is: hype.

Thankfully, Greg Miller, Executive Director of the National Institute for Cannabis Investors, was there to clear things up.

False rumors like these can make or break an investment.

Not to mention, it's about one of the best cannabis stocks to invest in right now.

And bad information could significantly change the course of an otherwise successful marijuana portfolio.

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