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The 2017 Apple Suppliers List

By monitoring the annual updates to the Apple supplier list, investors can track which companies are reaping benefits by association with the tech giant and which have fallen out of favor.

Apple's massive yearly revenue ($234 billion) and profit ($53.4 billion) mean that Apple supplier stocks can get a big boost from the relationship.

We've reproduced the 2017 Apple suppliers list here, with several investor-friendly improvements.

This is the current list of "winners"...


These 7 "Debt Bomb" Companies Are Set to Explode When Rates Rise

Corporate debt bombs – companies that have over-borrowed because of historically low interest rates – will be at a much greater risk of exploding when the Federal Reserve starts raising interest rates over the next couple of years.

These companies were OK as long as rates stayed low, but now the Fed is telegraphing its intent to raise rates to 1% next year and 2% in 2018.

And those Fed rate hikes will light the fuse on these seven corporate debt bombs...