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3 High-Dividend Stocks for Your Retirement Portfolio

You have worked, scrimped, saved, and invested for a long time to retire.

Now you need to set your portfolio up to provide a steady, consistent stream of income.

In years past, you might have been talking to your banker about certificates of deposit or visiting with a local broker to discuss tax-free bonds, but in today's zero interest rate world, that's no longer an option.

You need income to fund your dreams, and your best option is the stock market.

Fortunately, high-yield dividend stocks are out there, even in this pandemic-ravaged economy.


Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Is Tilted Up on Trade Deal Optimism

The Dow Jones today is rising with investors surprisingly optimistic about a possible trade deal between the United States and China.

I say "surprisingly" because President Trump has taken multiple swipes at China, and the U.S. is penalizing Chinese oil shipment firms.

JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) CEO Jamie Dimon also said Wednesday he doesn't expect a deal before the 2020 election.



The 3 Best Sin Stocks to Buy in 2019

Although they may get a bad reputation from certain groups, "sin stocks" offer investors an incredible pathway to profits.

Companies in the tobacco, alcohol, gambling, and military industries simply behave different from most stocks. And there is plenty of academic research proving how uncorrelated these stocks are with the rest of the market.

But this lack of correlation is exactly what we're looking for because it provides the opportunity for above-market returns.

Our goal is to make you the most money possible, plain and simple. So, we put the power of our trusty VQScore™ system to the test this week and identified the top three sin stocks to buy in 2019. You'll recognize some of the names - and you'll definitely love the upside...