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Dow Jones News Today Highlighted by Weak GDP Growth, Trump Travel Ban

The Dow Jones news is a projected decline in the index after Asian stocks fell and markets weighed an executive order by President Donald Trump.

On Friday, the Dow slipped seven points on news that Q4 GDP growth cooled and earnings reports failed to perform up to Wall Street analyst expectations.

Here's a look at today's most important market events and stocks, plus a look at today's economic calendar.


Be Careful of "Crowded" Stocks This Week

The week is half over, but there are still plenty of earnings season profits to take down before Friday. Like I said last week, we're right in the thick of one of the heaviest reporting periods for quarterly earnings.

This is what you might call a "target-rich" environment, with opportunities left and right.

And one of the juiciest targets is going to show itself tomorrow night, and, believe it or not, most traders aren't looking at it right now.

That suggests there's serious money to be made there, so get ready to move...