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Oil’s Heading to $100, This is How to Trade It

Yesterday afternoon, I refreshed one of my technical scans and it almost screamed at me… Don’t miss this trade! The trade is in the oil sector, but maybe not where you’d expect. Crude oil is now heading for $100 – and then some – as everything from increased demand to Middle East tensions are adding […]

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How to Double Your Money on Crude Oil by July

With crude oil coming into a period of seasonal strength right now, demand will be especially off the charts this year.

Not only is this due to the recovery and vaccination efforts, but also to the Suez Canal drama this past week with the stuck Ever Given cargo ship.

The ship has now been freed, but the delay has created some opportunities.

With these conditions, it'll be really easy to make some fast money on crude.

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Trading Strategies

How to Use the "24/5" Market to Get Tomorrow's Stock Prices Today

Hey, who wouldn't love to have a trading and investing crystal ball?

Something that could tell you the stock that's trading at $7.98 today will open higher or lower the next day, the next week, the next month.

I'm here to tell you that you can come pretty close to doing just that. It works for entire indexes, too. Anyone can see where the S&P 500 closed on any given Wednesday, but you can see how it's going to open the next day.

No need to keep a fortune-teller on the payroll, either. You can do it with free, public information.

I'm amazed more regular traders aren't looking at this. If they knew where to find this stuff and, more importantly, how to understand and use it to get in position to profit, I guarantee they'd use it.

Here's the "big secret"… Full Story

Here's the "big secret"...

Trading Strategies

Cash In by Labor Day with These Four Moves

I hope you've had a great summer – as much as possible with everything that's going on.

My family and I have managed to have a lot of fun, particularly in our new Winnebago Boldt-KL. In a pandemic, it's a nice, safe way to travel long distances, like we did on our summer road trip from Florida to New York.

In fact, I love it so much I find I'm doing a lot of everyday driving in it, just running errands.

Since I'm spending so much time in the Winnebago, I thought…

"Hey – might as well do some trading in here while I'm at it."

So, I hooked it up. I'm good to go; now I have everything I need to scan markets and trade stocks in here.

With gold and stocks going through the roof, and the dollar falling through the floor, I've had my hands full; I sent five plays to my readers yesterday and let my microcurrency folks take two 75% and 90% profits off the table.

As fun and productive (and profitable) as it's been driving and hanging out in the "Winnie," it's only around three weeks to Labor Day, and after that, less than four weeks to October and our first-ever virtual Black Diamond conference. (You can learn how to register to attend here; I'll be there for sure.)

There's a lot going on! And the closer we get to the end of summer, the opportunities get faster and bigger. The time to prepare is right now; if you wait until Labor Day week, it'll be too late.

With all that said, let's dive into my summer-end market forecast that looks at all four "corners" of this market and shows you how to play 'em. Here's what you need to know… Full Story


Chris Johnson's Best Trade Idea for Next Week Could Net Investors 90%

Investors could become defensive if we don't get up to 3,150 and close above there for a couple days in a row.

To see when we might dip, Chris said to keep an eye on the VIX.

Right now, the VIX below 30 is a positive indicator that investors are optimistic about stocks.

But there are two key levels to watch: the VIX at 30, and then 35.

A break above both would be an indicator stocks could be ready for another correction.

Chris will update Markets Live viewers Monday at 8:45 a.m. on his next real-time broadcast.

Make sure to tune in.

And until then, Chris did give viewers this trade recommendation...


The Oil Sector Is Getting Ahead of Itself - Here's How to Profit

It feels like 10 years ago, but it's really only been about seven weeks since that fateful April 20, when a COVID-19-driven collapse in demand pummeled West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures. Prices hit the floor, fell through it, and landed in negative territory at -$37.63 a barrel.

In those seven weeks, WTI has rocketed almost 200%. The S&P Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Select Industry Index has risen nearly 70%, though it's still down more than 24% for the year.

Over the past few days, though, oil benchmarks have been creeping 2% and 3% lower, which in my experience is a big, neon sign saying "Selling Ahead." And several marquee energy stocks like Occidental Petroleum Corp. and Halliburton Co. are also flashing sell-off warnings.

This reminds me of the old Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Looney Tunes cartoons – remember them? One of the (many) cheesy running gags had Wile chasing Road Runner only to overshoot him at a cliff. Wile would hang there in midair for a second, have a "Maalox moment," and then drop.

That's not all that different than what's happening in crude right now. Both the commodity and most of its associated stocks entered what market technicians like me call "overbought" territory. Now they're dropping like rocks. Investors are starting to figure out if they're in over their heads.

How do I know? The answer is worth exploring because it can make you a sharper trader. There's one simple, small number you can look at in any stock chart that can tell you instantly how to play it.

I'll get into that briefly and then I'll tell you how to play the oil patch's precarious "Wile E. Coyote" situation… Full Story

I'll get into that briefly and then I'll tell you how to play the oil patch's precarious "Wile E. Coyote" situation... Full Story