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Buy This Stock Before America’s Diesel Shortage Becomes a Diesel Crisis

There’s no mystery behind the energy sector’s strength right now: Diesel supply is at decade lows, with East Coast supplies dwindling to “code red” levels for the first time in years.Gasoline prices, on average, are up 10% nationwide from a year ago, despite the drawdowns from the U.S.Strategic Petroleum Reserve.And, thanks to Vladimir Putin’s continuing aggression in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia are getting even more strict.

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Dow Jones

Why the Dow Jones Today Will Climb Again

The Dow Jones today will see more gains after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell suggested the U.S. central bank will cut interest rates during its July meeting.

Powell has faced pressure from President Donald Trump, who has argued that rate cuts will not drive significant inflation.

Trump wants to slash borrowing costs in order to help expand the U.S. economy.

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This Is Absolutely the Best Stock to Profit from Oil's Recent Volatility

The International Maritime Organization is implementing new rules with respect to international shippers. Tankers in 2020 will be required to lower sulfur specifications for bunker fuels used to power engines.

This new regulation will immediately increase demand for low-sulfur fuels by an estimated 2 million barrels per day.

That coupled with the current market makes the stock we have for you today an excellent buy.



As Oil Prices Fall, Here's What You Need to Do Now

Only a day after markets cheered the U.S.-China trade truce, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened to slap $4 billion in tariffs on goods flowing out of the EU, causing oil prices to plunge this past Tuesday.

Since you can’t really trust the chatter about oil prices heading higher in the third quarter, Garrett’s going to show you how to make money on this trend…


Dow Jones

The Dow Jones Today Is Rising as a Trade Deal with China Is 90% Complete

The Dow Jones today is recovering from yesterday's loss as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said a deal between the United States and China is roughly 90% complete.

Investors are optimistic that U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping will make progress on a deal when they meet at the G-20 Conference in China this week.

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Here's Why Your Gas Prices Spiked This Summer

The primary summer driving season is over, and Labor Day, the last vacation weekend of the season, is fast approaching.

Travelers are winding down their end-of-summer vacation plans as we head into the autumn, and traffic between cities is lightening.

Normally, this time of year produces a decline in retail gasoline prices as the driving season ends and autumn and winter hibernation begins. And refineries are already switching primary production cuts from retail gasoline to produce more low-sulfur heating oil for the upcoming colder months.

In this 2018 season, the expected adjustment downward is not kicking in as in years past.

So, why are we witnessing an unusual increase in costs at the pump?

There are two overarching reasons, each resulting from how available refinery capacity is being utilized...