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The Best Investments in Japan's Changing Economy

I spent last week in Tokyo, and I want to share what I found on my trip to Japan.

It's proof positive that we're on the right track and, once again, we may beat a lot of people to the best investments, just like we did in September 2011.

That's when I told subscribers to short the yen a full six months and 150% ahead of George Soros and other big names who would subsequently make headlines for doing the same thing.

This time around the profits could be even bigger - if you understand what's happening and why. Here's what you need to know...

Rise in Gold Prices Today Can't Prevent Third Straight Yearly Loss

Gold prices today (Thursday) were mostly flat, meaning gold prices are now on pace to log their third consecutive annual loss.

In early morning trading of the last session of 2015, spot gold prices today were trading higher by $1.10, or 0.1%, to $1,062.10 an ounce. That followed an $8.20, or 0.8%, decline to $1,060.10 an ounce Wednesday.

Here's what investors can expect from gold prices today and in 2016...

Four Easy Money Moves to Make Before You Celebrate Tonight

Clearly there's a lot to be gained from making great investments. But what most people don't realize is that keeping your profits can be even more important when it comes to building wealth.

That's why, on this final day of 2015, I want to talk about the smartest four moves you can make right now… to set yourself up for a really terrific 2016.

They're not the usual money advice though. You can simply pick up your favorite mainstream mag for that.

No… these four moves will not only change how you think about money but, in doing so, dramatically improve your profit potential, too.

But we'll have to move quickly...

What Is the South China Sea Dispute?

A storm that's been brewing in the South China Sea for 200 years now threatens to disrupt the world financial markets.

"The plot in the South China Sea just keeps getting thicker," Money Morning Executive Editor Bill Patalon told readers on Dec. 8. "And riskier – on both sides of the dispute that keeps escalating there."

Seven nations lay claim over the region's resource-rich islands and maritime boundaries: China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, and the tiny sultanate of Brunei.
Exactly what is the South China Sea dispute?

Here's a look at the history of conflict there and the UN laws that govern...