Clinton Wins... in Election Day Google Searches

Clinton winsIt's a tight presidential race.

According to the latest IBD/TIPP tracking poll released this morning (Tuesday), Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton leads rival GOP candidate Donald Trump 43% to 42% among likely voters in a two-way race.

That means if Clinton wins, it won't be by a landslide.

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But Trump isn't just trailing the former secretary of state in the latest (and final) national poll today...

Google Shows Clinton Dominates U.S. Searches on Election Day

Trump is also behind Clinton in Google searches across the United States.

Data released by Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, GOOGL) this morning shows Clinton dominates search in 30 states, including in the battleground states of Florida and Pennsylvania.

The world's No. 1 search engine also reported that "race issues" is the top Trump-related search topic, followed by "immigration" and "abortion."

As for Clinton, "abortion" is the top-searched issue, followed by "immigration" and "race issues."

And altogether, Google has seen an incredible 233% more searches regarding "how to vote" than it did compared to the same period before the 2012 presidential election.

Google is also reporting some rather interesting "top-searched terms" for the presidential election today, including:

  • When is the presidential election?
  • Who did Taylor Swift vote for?
  • Are Bill and Hillary still married?

Now, here's a look at the top-searched terms for each candidate on Election Day -- including one question that seems to suggest Clinton's secretly a Republican...

Clinton Wins Google Search, Though Some Suspect She's a Republican

Here are the most popular search terms related to Hillary Clinton on Election Day 2016:

  1. Who is going to win the election, Trump or Hillary?
  2. How many emails did Hillary delete?
  3. Why vote for Hillary?
  4. Is Hillary Clinton Republican?
  5. Will Hillary win the presidential election?

And here are the most popular search terms related to Donald Trump on Election Day 2016:

  1. Who is going to win the election, Trump or Clinton?
  2. Where is Trump right now?
  3. Can Trump win the presidency?
  4. Why should I vote for Donald Trump?
  5. Why do people like Trump?

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He says the last thing the markets need right now is mass uncertainty.

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